Adam Phelan wins Season 10 Week 3, Jay 2nd, Tod 3rd


Venue: The West Bromwich Oven

Hi gang! Phew, what a scorcher! Can’t believe I wore my jeans. Anyway…

So, game 3 of season 10 – a key game as the result will tell us who is winning at the half-way stage. Leading the charge after 2 games were:






Steve Healey



Warren Carless



Dawn Wilson



We started with 26 players on three tables. This game was double chance – each player starts with 3000 chips and can get the remaining 3000 at any point up to the end of level 3. At that point they have to receive them.

Shuffle up and deal

Well, Ash Wilson was expecting…but what, a big win? Well possibly, but if that were the case then an unlucky start running tens into league leader Steve Healey’s kings didn’t help. A raise, 3-bet, 4-bet and 5-bet all-in saw the first stack of 3k go into the middle but no help for Ash and she was forced to take her extra 3k early.

On the feature table (regular listeners will know that that’s basically the table that I am on, because I’m not that good at accurately catching updates from the other tables…) Bri was very active early on. FLABing didn’t seem to be in his vocabulary and even forced a FLAT from yours truly L.

However many of the chips that Cap’n Crunch accumulated early were passed over to Graham ‘Mooch’ Gorton after a cooler flop and blank turn. Bri raised and Mooch called. Flop 9JQ. Bet, call. Turn 2. Bet, raise, re-raise, all-in. Bri shows JJ for a flopped set but Mooch shows TK for the flopped straight. Yates screams (he really did) “Pair the board!” but to no avail as the A hits the river. A nice double-up for Mooch.

Whether he was getting good hands earlier on or whether he was just outplaying the table, Brian’s luck certainly seemed to be going downhill. Not long after doubling up Mooch, he lost a hand to Dawn who had J6s, after both a J and a 6 had been exposed during the deal!

Over on the secondary table, we had a 4-way all-in. Can’t really remember who raised but the flop came down 66K, two hearts. All-in! says Wozza. All-in! says Matt Wilson. All-in! says Tony. All-in! says Steve Healey. They turn over, respectively, T8 hearts, JK, 68 and 63. The heart on the turn leaves Wozza the one shouting for the board not to pair, and it doesn’t, but it is an 8, giving Mr Trippier a quadruple-up!

Back on the feature table young Dale was now very kindly dealing, but also showing off a bit.

Out in 26th Ash’s need for the early add-on was to prove costly as she shoved on Wozza with TdJd on a QK8 board, one diamond, only for Wozza to snap call with QQ. A diamond on the turn gave Ash more outs but she missed everything on the river and exited in 26th. Traditionally Ash would wear the Shirt of Shame…


Actually that reminds me, where was Rob tonight?

 …but as she will have likely given birth by then, that might prove difficult to enforce.  All the best though from the whole club. I think everyone’s agreed that the baby should be called Jack or Jackie. Middle name Six. Second middle name Off.

Out in 25th Perhaps with half an eye on the next day’s GUKPT day 2, Paul Foy foolishly thinks pocket aces will win over Steve ‘Adelaide Bull’ Healey’s pocket 4s. The 4 on the turn soon dispels him of that crazy notion and we lose Paul in 25th.

Out in 24th The impressive Dawn Wilson (currently 3rd in the league, and recent 3rd place in the Summer Deepstack) came undone pushing with TJs after getting low on chips, only for Laura Rhoden to wake up with QQ. The board ran out KK396. Brian was also in the hand and showed a Q. I can’t remember why that was important.

Out in 23rd Possibly on a 67X board, definitely two clubs, Kev commits his stack with 8c9c. The chipped-up Matt Sutch calls with QcKc but Kev can still hit an off-club 8 or 9 or indeed a 5 or 10 (if indeed the board was 67X, which it may not have been). Anyway no assistance arrives on the turn or river and we lose Kev.

Dale hadn’t managed to get much going so far but all looked to be good as his AA came up against Dazza’a KK, AIPF. However a K on the flop saw Dazza double-up and left Dale short.

Out in 22nd Two-time BCPC champ Steve Redfern exited on the tertiary (ooh, fancy word!) table. On an A63 flop Steve thought his A5 had to be good but Alan’s A8 had him crushed. Blanks on turn and river left Steve heading for the rail.

Out in 21st On the same table Debjani soon followed. On a flop of A24 with 2 diamonds, Debs committed her chips with Ad3d. Calum McLuckie insta-calls with AA and both straight and flush draws miss.

2 tables

Out in 20th Steve Harris joined the feature table short on chips and put them all in the middle with A2, called by Daz with 66. The board ran out 323XQ.

Double-elimination! 19th and 18th Not sure of the action at all, but I believe Mark Eagles went all-in with 87, Wozza with T8 (is that right?), both called by Michael Daniels with AK. All outs missed and we lose two for the price of one.

Out in 17th Bri has won most things with the club – Premier League, Heads-Up and Summer Deepstack – but again cannot put a good league run together as his AIPF AJ is called by Laura’s 44, no A or J on the board.

Out in 16th Young Dale never really got anything going tonight and when he finally went all-in for around 2k with 4h5h then of course Tod woke up with the queens (steady!). Dale’s hand had potential but a flop of Q77 put an end to that. Dale took it well though: “I’m not playing any more!!”

Moving on… Paul Melia had managed to get low on chips (despite doubling up with 84 against A9 even with an A on the turn – not that I’m bitter or anything – stoopid two pair rivered boat grrrrr) but got a button-shove through against Adam and Laura to gain some much needed equity. Adam bemoaned Laura’s fold but as she said, “I’d have to run like Forrest Gump to call that!”.

Out in 15th The rally didn’t last long though. Paul’s all-in with TKs was called by Calum with AJ. Jack on the flop and no subsequent K and we lost Paul Melia.

Well, with all this exciting action I was quite the parched man. However I didn’t want to leave my seat and miss a hand.

Tod: “Dazza, what’s the barmaid called?”

Dazza: “Sarah”.

Tod (shouting across the room): “Sarah!”

Everyone: Laughter


If you’re interested, her actual name is Jade.

Out in 14th A dirty one for Matt Wilson as his post-flop shove with 67 on a 67Q flop is called by the big chipstack of Matt Sutch with pocket 8s, the turn is a blank but the river is an 8.

Matt Wilson went on to finish highest of all the BCPC players who played in the GUKPT Walsall, finishing an excellent 23rd.

Out in 13th Laura played well but exited with 66 running into Adam’s KK.

Out in 12th Alan Waters doubles up but then goes out with A2 v Adam’s QQ. Unlucky dude.

Points Bubble – Out in 11th Michael Daniels narrowly misses out on the final table, going all-in with AT but losing out to Matt Sutch’s KK – K on the turn and so the A on the river doesn’t help.

Final Table

10th, 1 point Mooch goes all in for about 7k. Matt re-shoves for lots. Tony mega-tanks and eventually folds AQ. Matt shows JJ and Mooch A7. The board runs out 93696 and we lose Mooch.

9th, 2 points Dazza re-raises all-in with TK but is snapped off by Adam’s AK. A harmless board of 38295 see’s Dazza exit in 9th.

Adam now has a big stack but then doubles up Tony AK < 77 and Jay T5 < JJ.

8th, 3 points

Andy Duncan gets unlucky 3-betting all-in only for Tod to wake up and re-shove with JJ, which holds.

Calum then ran his pocket tens into Jay’s aces, no help came and Calum was left crippled.

7th, 4 points Calum exited soon after going all in with Q6 and being called by me 8J and Adelaide TJ. A jack on the river saw Calum exit in 7th and Tod and Adelaide chop the pot.

Getting exciting now. Tod had been raising a lot of pots and as he looked to raise Tony’s big blind again, Tony said, “If you raise me again Tod I’m not giving you a lift home.” I have KQs so obviously do raise. Tony goes all in and I call. Tony somehow has 99. That’s OK as the first and third cards on the flop are K and Q. Annoyingly the middle card is a 9 and with no K or Q on turn or river Tony doubles up.

6th, 5 points Steve Healey goes out but extends his lead at the top of the table. All-in with AK sees him comfortably ahead of Adam’s 34. However an unbelievable flop of A25 left Steve with little hope. Turn 9, river 10.

Tod who had gotten low-ish after doubling up Tony then got a double up of his own with AJ v Jay’s small blind shove with K7. There was a 7 on the turn but a jack on the river.

5th, 6 points A great performance from Matt Sutch came to an end as he pushed with A9 only to run into yet another big hand for Adam, AK. Board AQXXX.

4th, 8 points Tony followed soon after, getting frisky with K3o and being called by Jay’s AQ. Flop of A79 didn’t give Tony much of a chance and the turn 9 and river 4 sealed the deal.

Tod then lost a massive pot to Adam. Holding Ah 8c on a 4-club board he hero-called Adam’s all-in on the river. Adam did have it though, showing TsJc.

3rd, 10 points With only 2.5k left, Tod was all-in in the next big blind, his 49o being no match for Adam’s AK.

Runner-up, 12 points Jay must have raised with 33, Adam calling with Qc2c. The flop came 4d4c6c. All the chips went in and the 4c on the turn saw Adam hit his flush. No 3 or 4 on the river and Jay finished an excellent 2nd place.

Winner, 15 points A second(?) career win for Adam saw him take down the maximum pointage. Very well played. Adam also played day 2 of the GUKPT the next day, eventually going out 30th with AQ < AJ.

Top 10 positions at the half-way stage are:






Steve Healey



Warren Carless



Jay Scott



Adam Phelan



Dawn Wilson



Tony Trippier



Matt Wilson



Debjani Duncan



Paul Foy



Tod Wood


Well that’s all folks. Next game is I believe 16 August. Be there or be:


P.S. Hello to Jason Isaacs.