Adam Phelan Wins Season 15 Week 4, Claire Thornton 2nd, Kev Berrie 3rd

BCPC Season 15, Game 4 – Friday 12 February 2016

Week 4 – moving day, baby!

Leaderboard after Game 3

At the top we had:

Position Name Pts
1 Chris Baker 25
2 Simon Smith 18
3 Gareth Howard 17
4 Adam Smith 17
5 Claire Thornton 16
6 Matt Wilson 14
7 Nic Rawlings 12
8 Graham Gorton 12
9 Jake Poxon 10
10 Paul Foy 10

Don’t mention the flop! (I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it.)

Just two tables today – which meant an interesting start to the cash game on one of the pub tables, polished to within an inch of its life so keep the cards on the table was somewhat challenging.

Early action say Dale take Tod to value town with top v second pair, and then Tod to go crazy with 77 only to run into Trippier’s QQ.

Steve Healey picked up the high hand with quad jacks (AJ and three jacks on the flop).

Apparently there was some issue with the flop at some point, but I think it was over with quite quickly…

Chris Baker exited in 14th which meant the door was wide open for someone to catch him at the top. In the end that person was Claire Thornton, coming second on the night and finishing as league leader.

Adam Phelan was the victor, earning his 6th career win – very impressive, young man.

Current Leaderboard

Position Name Pts
1 Claire Thornton 28
2 Chris Baker 25
3 Adam Phelan 20
4 Nic Rawlings 20
5 Simon Smith 18
6 Gareth Howard 17
7 Adam Smith 17
8 Matt Wilson 14
9 Graham Gorton 12
10 Paul Foy 12

Cash game

Great fun as always. Nic Cross lost a chunk, but I think he had a good time while doing it.

Another classic Jack moment as, with me the only person yet  to act on the river after a round of checks, Jack and Nic start to discuss their hands. “Well I’ve got two pair.” “Yes, me too, but top two.” “I haven’t got the straight.” “Me neither, nor a set.” Er, I think I’ll raise…. 🙂 As it happens I did have the straight (the nuts) but still, very funny.

Also amusing as Jack came back from the bar with three pretty big bottles of cider, just at the point that we decide to call it a night. Doh.

Next league game

Friday 4 March 2016


Thoroughly enjoyed Cats v Dogs on BBC2. If you’re a fan of either, it’s well worth a catch-up on iPlayer.