Amy Coshan Wins Season 18 Week 5, Tony Griffitsh 2nd, Charles Mason 3rd

BCPC Season 18, Game 5– Friday 8th September 2017

Week 5 of the BCPC league saw the Black Country poker “elite” gather at the New Talbot for what would be the final game bar one.  A good turn out for the event was further shown with 24 players officially starting (although a few of these never made it to their seats) LOL.  Nevertheless all eyes were on the prize with a clear divide between 1st and 2nd compared to the rest of the pack.  Adam and Nic were hoping for a strong display to help them on their way towards the coveted BCPC season trophy.  With 15 points for the winner, the other BCPC faithful weren’t going to make it easy however.  At the start of the night the league table looked like this:

Table after Week 4 


Position Name Played Pts
1 Adam Phelan 4 34
2 Nic Rawlings 4 33
3 Hitendra Patel 4 19
4 Charles Mason 4 17
5 Tony Trippier 4 17
6 Tod Wood 4 15
7 Ricky Buckland 3 15
8 Simon Smith 4 13
9 Mark England 4 13
10 Kevin Berrie 4 12


 Tonight’s game

Action kicked off and it wasn’t long before things got cooking, 1st hand in fact.  Blind at 25/50, H raises to 125.  Matt looks down and sees pocket Jacks and duly re-raises to 375.  Everyone else folds leaving Matt and H to play fight it out.  H then re-raises over the top to just over a 1000.  Matt asks if H has aces, gives H the respect and folds leaving H to show pocket Kings, a fist pump entails.


Paul Foy played aggressively from the off, taking down a few pots but came unstuck and was the first to leave the game.  The damage was dealt with preflop action: Foy raising to 300 and Adam P re-raising to 1050.  Foy calls and both see a flop of 227. Phelan, confident that Foy has hit nothing of that and bets 800.  Foy; confident that Phelan has hit nothing of the flop either shoves all in.  Showdown and a reoccurring hand of the night shows Adam’s KK vs Foy’s JJ.  No help on the turn or river and Foy is off to the bar. 



Simon Smith was the next unlucky player up against Cromwell.  Blinds 50/100.  A flop of Q 6 10: Matt raises to 400, Simon reraises to 1200 and Matt pushes all in.  Simons thinks and calls. 2 pair vs 2 pair, turn card Queen and that was that. Very unlucky for Si. 



Next up is a hand that must be Phelan’s as I remember asking for a happy pic after his heads up “up yours” nightmare with Adelaide Bull 😀 Nothing else known (remembered) apart from flopped straight and a happy Adam.  WAHEY!




Cromwell still confident after his first hand read with H steps it up with Ace Queen and bets pre flop with a raise coming from Mark England.  Both see a nervy flop with an ace hitting for top pair.  Getting to the river and England bets, Matt thinks his Daniel Negreanu calling England’s Ace King hoping to throw him off his hand.  Mark however is just too good and calls giving Matt an early exit.


Jake Poxon was having his best finish in a while exiting in 16th.  He was blinded out mind you after not having made it that night 😀


Brian Yates was wishing it was week 1 bounty night when he got his stack all in on the flop of KQ4 holding J4.  He found two callers in Adam and Claire holding AK and K8 respectively.  The turn comes a 7 and the river is a Jack giving the underdog Brian two pair on the river sending both Adam and Claire from the table.


Final table:

Apologies, but not a lot of this is known to me. (helps when I make the final table myself) but from reliable sources a few of these things happened…..

Gaz Howard doesn’t want to let Liam Pickering forget this hand in a hurry and to be honest I can’t blame him.  All in on the flop, the hands were flipped and Gaz’s 3s looked in pretty dire shape against the 9’s of Liam.  A miraculous 8% chance was found by the turn giving Gaz a set of threes only for the river to give Liam his set of 9’s.  Unlucky for Liam though it was the wrong 9 putting a 5 spade flush on the board leaving both to share the spoils!



The next image was kindly supplied by the one and only Charles Mason, but he’s unsure the who, why, how and when LOL.  It’s thought though that this was the pocket Kings all in preflop of Amy Coshan announcing blind.  In her defence however she only had 2 big blinds left at the time and what a time to get the cowboys!



Charles himself was fairly aggressive a few times on the final table, shoving all in.  Come the 3rd time Coshan had had enough and called with 6/7  spades.  Mason’s all ins may not have been baloney after all after turning over A/K.  Naturally though the flop was 6/7/x and after that it was pretty much plain sailing for the final 2 cards.

Coshan had found some fairly decent starting hands throughout the evening with pocket 6’s being given on no fewer than 6 times whilst a further helping of pocket 4’s being dished out to her 4 times throughout the evening.  Either she was blessed to have more than her fair share of pocket hole cards or we just need new dealers 😀

As the pack whittled down It left Amy heads up with her opponent no other than Tony G,



WHOOPS not that one I mean Tony Griffiths


Amy did however managed to steal the win in a comeback also as great as West Bromwich Albion’s Great Escape in the 2004/2005 season!  Her Queen 9 hearts up against Tony’s A/7?  Amy obviously hitting the 9!

Amy’s winning words kindly given by Griffiths and relate to something along the lines of “How the fook did I win that” LOL.  Either way a win for Amy and nobody took a winner picture so here’s one I stole from Facebook.



 With neither Nic nor Adam making the points for week 5 the tables started to look all the closer.  Week 6 should be  cracker!

Points on the night

Position Name Points
1 Amy Coshan 15
2 Tony Griffiths 12
3 Charles Mason 10
4 Steve Healey 8
5 Mark England 6
6 Tony Trippier 5
7 Gareth Howard 4
8 Brian Yates 3
9 Liam Pickering 2
10 Kevin Berrie 1


As it stands after game 5…


Position Name Pts
1 Adam Phelan 34
2 Nic Rawlings 33
3 Charles Mason 27
4 Tony Griffiths 22
5 Tony Trippier 22
6 Hitendra Patel 19
7 Mark England 19
8 Gareth Howard 16
9 Amy Coshan 15
10 Tod Wood 15


Tod’s telly pick with “What’s on Wood?” (WOW?) 

A public service announcement brought to you in part by Tod Wood:

I mentioned Narcos, which is on Tod’s list to watch, but his current picks for you kind lot are “The Leftovers, Ozark and Ray Donovan.”

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