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Steve Redfern is Season 4 Champion

A worthy winner.

Tod Wood is Season 4 Heads-Up Champion Beating Steve Freer in Final

Tod’s on his tod.

Marcell Furet Wins SHOE Event

Who won??? I think it was either Marcel Furet or Malcolm Howell.

Brian Yates takes down 2010 Summer Deepstack I

Brian Yates becomes the first ever Deepstack Champion.

Nathan Harris is Season 3 Champion

Nathan arrived, won and was never seen again.

Andy Overton and Marcel Furet Chop NLHE/PLO Event

Andy was happier than Marcel.

Brian Yates is Season 3 Heads-Up Champion Beating Steve Freer in Final

Bri’s on a high.

Andy Overton is Season 2 Champion

Andy makes a splash at the BCPC.

Tony Trippier is Season 2 Heads-Up Champion Beating Brian Yates in Final

Tony wins the inaugural Heads-Up Championship.

Tony Trippier is Season 1 Champion

Tony is the BCPC’s first league champion.

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