BCPC Golf Day!


Write up kindly provided by Andrew Duncan


This was the 7th running of the Annual BCPC golf day and the results (using Stableford) are in! We got very lucky with the weather and even luckier to find a course to play on with short notice. It was back to the familiar surroundings of The Shropshire – the 4th time we have played there but this time we played the Gold/Silver combo for the first time. Mulligans were offered on the first tee, with it being an intimidating hole to start for some of the once a year players. Two were needed – Tod and Deb. Other than that we were off!




3 ball of Andy (Hcp 33), Tod (35) and Brian (33) all walking followed by 4 ball of Ant (28), Ant’s mate Steve (28), Joey (40) and Deb (60) in 2 buggies. Being dragged around by a yomping postman and a fit Tod took it’s toll on me and by the 15th hole rampant cramp had set into both my legs, to the point where I couldn’t move forward or backward prompting Brian to shout “What yam doing yam look like yam having a shit!!!”. Anyway stuff you boys I birdied the next hole 🙂






So the scores were totted up after Brian had disappeared – something about needing to go home and win a couple of grand at poker. Yeah right mate!

1st= Debjani Duncan – 39 Points (130 gross, 70 net, -2)
1st= Andrew Duncan – 39 Points (105 gross, 72 net, EVEN
3rd Ant Williams – 37 Points (101 gross, 73 net, +1)
4th Steve –  34 Points (103 gross, 75 net, +3)
5th Brian Yates – 29 Points (114 gross, 81 net, +9)
6th Tod Wood – 28 Points (118 gross, 83 net, +11)
7th Joey Williams – 15 Points (147 gross, 107 net, + 35)

That’s groundhog day for the winners, as they both shared the title in 2015 as well!





Notable Stats:
Most Birdies: 1, Tod, Andy
Most Pars or Better: 4, Ant
Highest single hole Stableford Score: 5, Tod (birdie on Par 3 3rd)
Lowest Gross Score: Ant 101
Player Needing a Hug at the End: Ant, he’s now scored 101 2 years on the trot – sub 100 proving illusive again.

Handicaps carried forward to 2019: Deb 57, Andy 30, Ant 27, Steve 30, Brian 40, Tod 43, Joey 61.


Well done to all involved!

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