BCPC win bronze in APAT team championships

Last weekend, the APAT Team Championships returned after the long Covid-enduced lay-off, with 280 players descending on Dusk Till Dawn. 4 of our 8-man team returned for Day 2 with our team sat in 6th place overall. We lost Tod Wood early on but Gareth Howard and Adam Phelan ground it out courageously for the team cause most of the afternoon and when Adam Smith was eliminated in 11th place, just shy of the Final Table, we were sat in 3rd place. We needed one player to be eliminated before 5th place and just prior to the FT starting, Gaz had words with Adam Sharples who was well chipped up and playing for Blonde Poker. When the action resumed Mr Sharples duly came through for us by eliminating our foe to give our team the Bronze Medals and our best-ever finish in this event. Fellow players Brian Yates, Amy Coshan, Charles Mason & Will Young were also delighted to be sharing in the £3600 which came along with those medals but commiserations to Adam Sharples, who got incredibly unlucky on several occasions when Heads-Up to be denied his first APAT live Title and having to settle for a silver medal.

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