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BCPC A win the BCPC Team Championships 2019!

BCPC A, have had it AwAy!!!

Adam Phelan win Summer Deepstack IX, Brian Yates 2nd, Matt Wilson 3rd

Phelan’s on PHIRE!

NUTS POKER A Wins the Champion’s League!


Adam Phelan is Season 18 Champion; Claire Bailey Wins Season 16 Week 6, Liam Pickering 2nd, Marc Ward 3rd

Phelan’s season champion, but Bailey doesn’t Claire after winning her first match!

Adam Phelan Wins Season 15 Week 4, Claire Thornton 2nd, Kev Berrie 3rd

Look at this Jack the Lad, he now has 6!

Steve Bayliff is Premier League VIII Champion (Adam Phelan League Stage Winner)

FOURking hell!

Laura Rhoden is Season 14 Champion; Adam Phelan Wins Season 14 Week 6, Tony Griffiths 2nd, Laura Rhoden 3rd

Well done, Rhoden!

BCPC A Win 2015 BCPC Team Championship

I pity the fool that doesn’t fear the A Team!

Midlands Ballbusters win APAT Online Team Championships, John Harfield Wins Individual Bronze for 4th Place Avengers

Midlands Ballbusters win a place in the APAT Team Championships in 2015.

Adam Phelan is Season 12 Heads-Up Champion Beating Graham Gorton in Final

Adam becomes the second two-time winner.

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