Charles Mason Wins Season 18 Week 1, Nic Rawlings 2nd, Hitendra Patel 3rd

BCPC Season 18, Game 1 – Friday 26 May 2017

New season, yayI A fresh start for all thosre who crashed and burned last season.

Tonight’s game

The bounty game, won by Charles Mason. Charles would go on to tear up Vegas after this. wp, sir!











Bounties won:

Player Won
Charles Mason £105.00
Nic Rawlings £31.25
Hitendra Patel £17.50
Graham Gorton £23.75
Simon Smith £7.50
Mark England £5.00
Tom Cawley £15.00
Matt Kay £5.00

The table after the first game was:

Position Name Usual Points
1 Charles Mason 15
2 Nic Rawlings 12
3 Hitendra Patel 10
4 Graham Gorton 8
5 Claire Thornton 6
6 Simon Smith 5
7 Mark England 4
8 Paul Foy 3
9 Adam Phelan 2
10 Tony Trippier 1

Cash game

Dunno, as I had to leave early 🙁

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Next league game

Friday 23 June 2017.


Taskmaster season 4 has just finished. Sad times.