Chris Baker Wins Season 15 Week 3, Graham Gorton 2nd, Paul Foy 3rd

BCPC Season 15, Game 3 – Friday 8 January 2016

Back to the New Talbot for the third game of the season, and nearly a full house as well. Just Matt Kay and Nathan Harris missing, which meant we had 23 runners across 3 tables.

Leaderboard after Game 2

At the top we had:

Position Name Pts
1 Simon Smith 18
2 Gareth Howard 15
3 Claire Thornton 13
4 Nic Rawlings 12
5 Adam Smith 12
6 Chris Baker 10
7 Jake Poxon 10
8 Liam Pickering 8
9 Mark England 7
10 Tod Wood 7

Start the jukebox!

I think I had a secret bounty on my head for this game as I don’t think I got one bet through in the first two levels. There was a preponderance of J6offs out there which might explain it…

Beyond that I can’t really describe much of the action as I wasn’t there long enough to see it. 🙁

I think Foyie ran OK during the middle section of the tourney. One hand in particular saw him all-in with 2d3d against Jake’s pocket tens. A ten on the flop was not what he wanted to see, but runner-runner for a straight on the board was!

Chris had aces twice before the first break and used them very productively to…get back to his starting stack. He’d get them once more before the night was up as he went on to record his 3rd career win.

2015-12-27 22.23.49












Cash game

Enjoyed this so much I didn’t want to leave. And I was stuck £35 as well until Bank of Jack helped me out 🙂

Funniest hand of the night (though not for Jack) was posted by Bri on FB, but it’s worth repeating here:

A “STOMAHA ” classic moment as the game is announced as “5-card Omaha with all green cards (clubs) exposed. Jack Hipkiss then turns up 10c, 3c, and 3s. “Jack….its green cards only exposed mate”

Oops, sorry.

Flop is 3-3-4

Everyone folds!

Unlucky Jack 😉

Looking forward to the next one. Perhaps getting in before 4am might be advisable though.

Current Leaderboard

Position Name Pts
1 Chris Baker 25
2 Simon Smith 18
3 Gareth Howard 17
4 Adam Smith 17
5 Claire Thornton 16
6 Matt Wilson 14
7 Nic Rawlings 12
8 Graham Gorton 12
9 Jake Poxon 10
10 Paul Foy 10

Next league game

Friday 12 February 2016


Watching Bodies again. Brilliant, but with some robust imagery.