Gareth Howard wins Season 21 Week 4, Matt Ty-Godwin 2nd, Lee Mason 3rd.

BCPC Season 21, Game 4 Friday 8th February 2019


Week 4 was upon us and we were heading for the first part of the 2nd half of the season.  Things were starting to hot up and the table was looking pretty close!  Could Cromwell catapult himself further in to the lead or would one of the chasing many pip him cometh the end of game 4?  We were soon to find out!


Points before the off

Position Name Pts
1 Matt Cromwell 23
2 Aneurin Venables 22
3 Tony Trippier 21
4 Brian Yates 20
5 Tod Wood 16
6 Kevin Berrie 15
7 Dan Ryder 12
8 Adam Phelan 10
9 Rich Hughes 10
10 Courtney Penn 8

Tonight’s game

26 players managed to make week 4 of the season and that would mean no alternates for the evening’s proceedings, yay!

After a great cash at Resorts, Claire Bailey was showing us the secrets of her success in being tight aggressive (accidentally raising 1st hand to 1100)  Unfortunately getting her Malvern and BCPC green chip values wrong, oops!

Cawley who must have been following in Claire’s footsteps or having one eye on the Villa match decided to do similar with a 1000 chip min bet which Cromwell duly took with a reraise, easy chips!

Foyie was acting like a bad drug dealer, telling everyone he was 2 minutes away (10 minutes prior) DOH!

Come 8.20 it would be Mooch that left the fold first.

Trevor raises to 300, H flats, Liam makes it 1100 and Trev duly shoves.  H then shoves over the top.  Liam says to H “You wouldn’t have flatted the 300 with Aces or Kings, I call.”  Trev shows Jacks, H has AK and Liam’s Queens were the hand of the moment! Nice hand sir!



Cromwell had made a decent start amassing up to 7.5k when he looked down on A/5  Getting in late position and fairly cheap he has a look.  Flop comes A-5-A Thank you very much.  Tod C bets which is called by Matt and Rhoden.  Turn comes an 8.  Matt bets, Laura calls and Tod folds.  River a 10.  Laura shoves all in and Cromwell snap calls to see he’s been rivered Full house over full house.  Nice hand Rhoden!


Tod was down to around 2.5k and decides this was to be the hand; shoving all in pre and finding a caller in Smithy.  Tod’s King 8 no match for Smithy’s Jacks with a 3rd one making a set.  Wood would sit out from here on in.

H would be next to leave us around 21:00.  His K/Q not able to stand up to the slight favourite of Ryder’s 10’s

This table would be known as the table of death!  In no more than 10 minutes another 2 would leave the table in the form of H Killer Dan courtesy of Liam and Lee would take out Nic!

Definitely a worthy hand to note… Yates raises to 600, Amy reraises to 1700 and Rhoden goes all in for 5200.  Brian calls and Amy duly gets out of the way sensing danger. (And rightly so!)  As Rhoden tables Queens, Brian shows the pocket rockets and an Ace on the board would seal it.  Amy folded Jacks, nice fold!

In true sportsmanship Laura was noted to say “Fuck Bri”  Ahh that’s the spirit! 😀

Smithy would raise to 500 getting a call from Cromwell and Rhoden before seeing a shove from Trippier.  With Cromwell and Rhoden getting out of the way Smithy calls with a slightly larger stack with pocket 9’s vs Trippier’s A10.  An ace on the board was all it would take to leave Smithy on fumes and a happy Trippier!

Smithy was now down to 300 chips and 10 minutes later found a not so perfect, perfect opportunity to get those scraps in.  A/4 was the hand giving Smithy 1200 plus 300 more for a button ante!  Very Nice!

Cromwell would leave the table in 14th.  Down to 2400 he shoves over the top all in pre for 2400 up against Trippier’s 1000 bet.  Tony calls holding 10/J vs Cromwell’s A/9  Tony calls for a 10 on the river and it was duly delivered.  Matt leaves in 14th and 10’s definitely not his favourite card of the evening!

Trippier was looking like making another final table to give him a good shout of going top of the league, but it went slightly pear shaped.  Trippier raising to 1500  on the button to which Howard reraises all in.  A snap call from Tony and we were about to see 2 massive hands (or so we thought) Q/J up against Howards K/J and the rest is history.  Trippier exiting in 12th


Final Table


It would be Brian who would leave us first from the final table shoving around 14 bigs with A/Q and was snap called by Godwin holding King Queen.  It wasn’t to be Brian’s time and Godwin caught a King to see Brian exit in 10th

Lee Mason’s Q/K were pitted against Pickering’s Aces!  A jack on the flop and Matt Godwin calls the turn and river much to the dismay of Liam giving Mason a straight, ouch Liam!  Nice hand Lee!  Liam gone in 7th


Amy Coshan as a short stack would get her chips in the middle with K/9.  She looked to be in great shape too as a 3:1 favourite as Howard calls her with J/9.  The poker Gods however would decide that a Jack would fall and that would see Coshan leave us in 5th place

Paul would exit in a respectable 4th position in a blind vs blind up against Gaz again who was holding 10/8.  Foyie must have been happy with his pocket 7’s as a slight favourite, but a 10 on the flop was all it needed.

Lee would exit in 3rd with an all in preflop holding 5/2dd.  He’d find a caller in, yes you’ve guessed it Gaz and the K/3 would hold up to see Mason exit in 3rd

Just 2 left and Matt Ty Godwin would be up against Howard for the heads up.  Feeling that this would be his night and with confidence running high, Gaz leads for a whopping 15,500 chips which has Godwin tanking for a good while.  He reluctantly folds as Howard proudly shows the 8/6 off for the airball.  WOWZERS!!

After a good amalgamation of chips throughout the final table Howard had enough to seal the deal for victory with his A/9 vs the Q/8 of Matt on a dry board and that was a wrap!  Well played both and to all point scorers on a great game!



Gaz had this to say on his win

“Been a long time coming.  Hope it kick starts my season.  Always nice to show Matthew Godwin a good bluff.  Looking forward to more of the same in the next few games.  P.S Matt Cromwell I’m coming for you”

Well… challenge accepted I guess, well played Gaz!


Points on the night:


Position Name Points Actual Points
1 Gareth Howard 15 0
2 Matt Godwin 12 0
3 Lee Mason 10 0
4 Paul Foy 8 0
5 Amy Coshan 6 0
6 Claire Bailey 5 0
7 Liam Pickering 4 0
8 Yvonne Hughes 3 0
9 Adam Phelan 2 0
10 Brian Yates 1 0

League Table after tonight’s game, It’s even closer at the top!


Position Name Pts
1 Matt Cromwell 23
2 Aneurin Venables 22
3 Tony Trippier 21
4 Brian Yates 21
5 Matt Godwin 17
6 Tod Wood 16
7 Gareth Howard 15
8 Kevin Berrie 15
9 Dan Ryder 12
10 Adam Phelan 12


What’s on Wood?!  WOW

Time to ask our resident TV buff what’s on the box.  So without further a do… What’s on Wood?

“Hmmm.  I’m enjoying Russian Doll.  Hunted has just finished and the final e was brilliant.  But mostly I’m rewatching 30 Rock on All4 :-)” 

Cheers Todimus #boysontour

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