Kev Berrie wins Season 21 Week 3, Dan Ryder 2nd, Nye Venables 3rd.

BCPC Season 21, Game 3 Friday 11th January 2019

Week 3 had arrived, the midweek point of season 21 where things would start to take shape giving us a better indication of where or whereabouts the BCPC faithful may be looking to finish for the season.  Still, with a few games to go and only the best 4 out of 6 games counting towards the finishing positions there was still plenty to play for!

Week 3 of season 21 would be a special moment in the BCPC’s history as it would become the very first shoot out game.  For those that are unsure what this is (although Rhoden and Coshan are now up to speed) I’ve taken the liberty of being lazy and copying someone else’s definition from Google…

‘In a shootout poker tournament, players must win their table by being the last player with chips before they can move on to the next round. In a regular shootout, there are only two rounds. In a “triple shootout,” there are three rounds. In a “quadruple shootout,” there are four rounds and so on.’

OK, well according to this ours was a soft shoot out and as it’s BCPC; our version must be correct…  For our game we were to have 3 tables and the top 3 from each would make it through to the final table.  To make up the numbers on the final table; the last player to exit in 4th on whichever table that would be would also find their place on the final table to give us the 10 required.  EASY!

Points before the off


Position Name Played Pts
1 Matt Cromwell 2 23
2 Brian Yates 2 20
3 Tod Wood 2 16
4 Tony Trippier 2 15
5 Aneurin Venables 2 12
6 Adam Phelan 2 10
7 Rich Hughes 2 10
8 Tom Cawley 2 6
9 Nic Rawlings 2 5
10 Adam Smith 1 4
11 Graham Gorton 2 3
12 Trevor Greenway 1 3
13 Laura Rhoden 2 2
14 Matt Godwin 2 2
15 Claire Bailey 1 1
16 Gareth Howard 2 0
17 Yvonne Hughes 2 0
18 Dan Ryder 2 0
19 Claire Thornton 1 0
20 Amy Coshan 2 0
21 Lee Mason 1 0
22 Kevin Berrie 2 0
23 Steve Healey 2 0
24 Matt Kay 2 0
25 Liam Pickering 2 0
26 Paul Foy 1 0
27 Hitendra Patel 2 0
28 Marc Ward 1 0
29 Courtney Penn 2 0
30 Matt McKinlay 2 0
31 Charles Mason 1 0
32 Ricky Buckland 1 0
33 Mark England 2 0

Tonight’s game

In the end after lots of meticulous planning it turned out we only had 25 degens playing anyway.  24 if you exclude Ricky who said he wasn’t playing, but sort of had a chip stack anyway…!  So with new calculations we were looking at tables of 8s and one 9 giving players an excellent chance of final table stardom!

Cromwell and Healey would kick things off with a bet and a raise and the flop coming down all under 10.  This would continue with similar cards and betting on every street up until the river with both Matt and Healey getting conscious of a big size pot.  Matt took it though, pocket Jacks vs pocket 10’s of the bull.

Trev was exiting first around 8.10 courtesy of a reshove over Nye’s bet (which was incidentally a mess up on his part in the first place)  Right, let me explain better…

Nye had AQ on a AKx board and manages to bet 2100 instead of 300.  Instead of getting folded on by Trev, he kinda reshoves over the top with A8 and that would see Trev exit first, ouch!

Brian was facing his own demons against Mark England, going from ahead to split pot and judging by the round 2 comments it doesn’t sound like it was the first time either!  Unlucky Bri!


Wouldn’t be long and karma may have caught up though… Shirt of shame player England found himself all in pre with pocket Queen’s against Nye in a classic coin flip.  An Ace on the flop would see England exit and retain the shirt of shame to take home, give a wash and wear again!  Unlucky Mark!

Come the break we were now down to 6 on each table having lost Mason, Wood, Cromwell, Rawlings and Hughes in addition to the 2 mentioned above.  Buckland was doing great considering he was even in the building! lol.

Results were in from table 2 at 10.30 and the lucky final table contestants were Adelaide Bull, Kev Berrie and Dan Ryder.  Well done lads!

Table 1 were down to 4, but not for long.  Nye taking out Brian with pocket rockets up against the A/10 of Brian meaning Nye, Yvonne and Laura would progress to the final table.  Well done girls (and Nye)  Unlucky Bri!

Maybe hand of the evening and one no doubt we’ve all heard about by now was Tony vs Coshan .  Tony holding the rockets this time up against Coshan’s JK.  An Ace on the flop giving TT his set looked to have killed off any salvageable win that Amy could muster, but this is the BCPC, this is poker and this is QUEEN 10 Runner runner!  Coshan picked up the pot and that left Tony in a strop (understandably so!)  Very unlucky Tone!


To finalise the… Final table,  Courtney, Matt Ty Godwin and Amy would make up the last remaining spots whereby the points would be free flowing from now on.  Mooch being the unlucky points bubble boy for this game.  Unlucky Mooch!


Final Table


Kev wishes it was a bounty game after managing to take out not only Rhoden, but Yvonne in 10th and 9th respectively.  All in the same hand courtesy of Kev’s K/J vs 88 vs A3;  A Jack on the flop was all it needed.  Prior to this Rhoden had doubled up twice courtesy of the river in the 10 minutes leading to her demise.

Matt Ty Godwin wouldn’t be far behind exiting in 8th.  He shoves with Q/3 and gets called by larger stack Courtney’s AJ which holds.  Matt in 8th.

The players were dropping thick and fast now and 2 minutes later Healey would exit again thanks to Courtney.  An Ace on the flop would pair Courtney’s A/3 and this would be enough to crack Healey’s pocket 7’s.

Dan Ryder manages to double up through Kev Berrie with his A/10 hitting two pair up against pocket 9’s

Amy would leave us in 6th position suffering at the hands of Courtney.  She was ahead preflop with the A/J vs K/Q, but it was the latter that would pair the board ultimately giving Coshan a respectable 6th place finish.

Tony and Nye were reaching the final stretch and were looking at capitalising on Cromwell’s early exit to take the lead from the current leader.  It wouldn’t be Tony though as he would exit in 5th place

Courtney would exit next in 4th place, his A7 up against the AK of Dan.  It was looking oh so good as he hit the 7 catapulting him in to the lead after initially starting at a 3 to 1 under dog.  However as it is with poker Dan would draw on the runner runner spades to secure flush.  Nice hand sir!  Incidentally Dan had joined the final table with just 1k in chips to his name!

It was now Nye’s for the taking to secure top spot come end of week 3 if he could better up to 1st or 2nd place.  It wasn’t to be however and Nye’s pocket Queens were cracked by the A/K of Dan.  Well played sir!

Kev and Dan would battle it out for the glory of week 3 champion and this week the winner for best in show would go to Kev Berrie!  Well played Kev, Dan and congratulations to all other point scorers!



Kev had this to say on his win

“I survived all the crazy hands early on and ran really well towards the end (TT knows)  Loving the new shootout game format as well!”



Points on the night:


Position Name Points
1 Kevin Berrie 15
2 Dan Ryder 12
3 Aneurin Venables 10
4 Courtney Penn 8
5 Tony Trippier 6
6 Amy Coshan 5
7 Steve Healey 4
8 Matt Godwin 3
9 Yvonne Hughes 2
10 Laura Rhoden 1

League Table after tonight’s game, It’s close at the top!


Position Name Played Pts
1 Matt Cromwell 3 23
2 Aneurin Venables 3 22
3 Tony Trippier 3 21
4 Brian Yates 3 20
5 Tod Wood 3 16
6 Kevin Berrie 3 15
7 Dan Ryder 3 12
8 Adam Phelan 3 10
9 Rich Hughes 3 10
10 Courtney Penn 3 8
11 Tom Cawley 3 6
12 Amy Coshan 3 5
13 Nic Rawlings 3 5
14 Matt Godwin 3 5
15 Steve Healey 3 4
16 Adam Smith 1 4
17 Graham Gorton 3 3
18 Trevor Greenway 2 3
19 Laura Rhoden 3 3
20 Yvonne Hughes 3 2
21 Claire Bailey 1 1
22 Gareth Howard 3 0
23 Claire Thornton 1 0
24 Paul Foy 2 0
25 Lee Mason 1 0
26 Matt McKinlay 3 0
27 Matt Kay 2 0
28 Liam Pickering 2 0
29 Ricky Buckland 2 0
30 Hitendra Patel 2 0
31 Charles Mason 2 0
32 Marc Ward 1 0
33 Mark England 3 0


What’s on Wood?!  WOW

Time to ask our resident TV buff what’s on the box.  So without further a do… What’s on Wood?


Wow, short and sweet, but effective!

Cheers Todimus #boysontour

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