Lee Mason wins Season 23, Week 2, Matt Kay 2nd, Alex Bako 3rd

BCPC Season 23, Game 2 Friday 22nd September 2019


Week 2 of season 23 would see 22 players make the game.  Phelan managed to get the first win making it back to back consecutive wins.  Could anyone stop him from making it 3 out of 3?

Points before the off.




Tonight’s game and Final Table


Nate would be repping the Shirt of Shame and Cap of Crap and would look to be improving on his position to shake it off.  Successfully it seems as he managed to make the final table along with

Adam Sharples (Great start for Mr. Sharples)

Al Hackett (making his 2nd final table out of 2, a great start for the newcomer!)

Alex Bakothanasis (another one to make 2 out of 2, well played sir!)

Hitendra Patel (consistent as ever, will always be pushing for that final table)

Lee Mason (Been on fire recently and so unlucky to miss out on the title last season)

Matt Kay (Always one to watch)

Matt McKinlay (On some great form currently and a previous League Champion!)

Nate Poulton (Will be relieved to lose that Shirt and get the points on the board)

Paul Foy (Turns up late, but when he arrives a very good player!)

Rich Hughes (One of the good ones, even if he is a blue nose! 🙂 )


After a long battle spanning to the early hours of the morning Bako would exit in 3rd leaving Matt Kay and Lee Mason to battle it out heads up.  Always the bridesmaid as he puts it, Matty Kay takes 2nd and Lee Mason takes it down with some great plays and the poker Gods being on his side.  He was unplayable on the night!


Congratulations to all point scorers, Matt Kay for runner up and a massive congratulations to Lee Mason showing he will again be one to watch for the season!


Points on the night:


Position Name Points
1 Lee Mason 15
2 Matt Kay 12
3 Alex Bakothanasis 10
4 Al Hackett 8
5 Paul Foy 6
6 Matt McKinlay 5
7 Hitendra Patel 4
8 Nate Poulton 3
9 Adam Sharples 2
10 Rich Hughes 1


Season 23 Current Table Standings:


Position Name Played Pts
1 Matt McKinlay 2 17
2 Adam Phelan 2 15
3 Lee Mason 2 15
4 Alex Bakothanasis 2 15
5 Matt Kay 1 12
6 Al Hackett 2 12
7 Ricky Buckland 2 10
8 Adam Smith 2 8
9 Paul Foy 2 8
10 Dan Ryder 1 6
11 Hitendra Patel 2 4
12 Nate Poulton 2 3
13 Brian Yates 1 3
14 Adam Sharples 1 2
15 Rich Hughes 2 1
16 Gareth Howard 2 1
17 Nic Rawlings 2 0
18 Tod Wood 2 0
19 Mark England 2 0
20 Steve Healey 2 0
21 Tom Cawley 1 0
22 Amy Coshan 1 0
23 Matt Godwin 2 0
24 Laura Rhoden 2 0
25 Liam Pickering 2 0
26 Matt Cromwell 1 0
27 Kevin Berrie 2 0


That’s it now until January for week 3.  Remember we have an APAT hosting night Friday 29th November, pool competitions and Tag event featuring Omaha and Texas Holdem alternate rounds.  There may be a space to get in but you need to act now, speak to Brian Yates for availability.  +EV to all BCPC members playing in this event.

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year all.

Remember to check out the calendar of upcoming games and events.  Big thanks Tod for spreadsheet data and Brian for newsletter.

If you’re new to the club, have a look around the website. If you have any comments, please let me know.

If anybody would like to have a go at picking up the blogs to make them more in depth going forward please speak to myself.  Salary is nothing, but full training is provided and a chance to give something back to the BCPC 🙂  Current responsibilities mean I’m unable to do the in depth blogs of the last few seasons unfortunately.

Next game : Season 23, Week 3  Friday 10th January 2020