Ricky Buckland wins Season 22, Week 5. Nye Venables 2nd, Amy Coshan 3rd

BCPC Season 22, Game 5 Friday 6th September 2019


The penultimate game of Season 22 had arrived and Lee Mason had a healthy point lead, 13 in fact ahead of 2nd place which currently saw Gaz Howard and Matt Kay on 24.  After registering some pretty awesome results however, Lee would really need to finish high in the points to improve his tally as remember it’s top 4 games that count.   Could we see a late title surge from one of the pack?  We were about to find out!

Points before the off.


Position Name Played Pts
1 Lee Mason 4 37
2 Gareth Howard 4 24
3 Matt Kay 3 24
4 Matt Godwin 4 20
5 Matt McKinlay 4 19
6 Kev McCauley 3 19
7 Brian Yates 4 15
8 Adam Smith 3 14
9 Ricky Buckland 4 14
10 Aneurin Venables 4 10

Tonight’s game


22 runners would see the smallest turnout so far for the season and a great opportunity for the BCPC lot to grab some vital points to push for seats at the New Talbot.

Not much going on in the Whatsapp group so this could be my shortest blog yet, here goes!

Rich Hughes would be first to exit us in 22nd place and next to  leave would be Nic Rawlings by way of flush H’s flush.  Nice hand H!


Not long after the break and Matt Kay would be gone in 19th courtesy of Amy Coshan’s full house, nice!


Rob Hewitt would exit in 13th.  Amy Coshan finding a lot of chips with the pocket Queens and this hand was no exception.  Hewitt’s pocket 10’s just no match!

Nye Venables was a busy lad for the evening and doing Lee Mason a favour by taking out some of his rivals, namely Cawley 15th and Gaz Howard in 12th!

Mr. Sharples would be our 10th place finisher picking up a point for his efforts and that would mean…..


The final 9 would look a little something like this (alphabetical order)

Adam Phelan

Amy Coshan

Aneurin Venables

Dan Ryder

Hitendra Patel

Lee Mason

Matt Godwin

Matt McKinlay

Ricky Buckland


Could Matt McKinlany make it 2 wins outta 2?!

In short…. no.

A heads up sees Ricky up against Nye whereby Nye was looking to pop his BCPC win cherry, but unfortunately he just couldn’t finish it off which would see Ricky take 1st place!



I asked Ricky for some information on his rise to take first place and he kindly gave us this insight;

“Final table, earlier on i ran QQ into Nye’s JJ and got a full double up, which allowed me to start playing a bit more poker.  I also picked up kings and 3 barreled KK and got called on every street by Amy (Q River for a Q High board) Amy didn’t show, but said no good story ever starts with Jacks and a couple of hands later I managed to take her out.  After this hand I’m chip leader and the only stack anywhere near me is Matt Godwin which was where the vital hand comes”


“5 Handed, he opens 3x on the button with the A5 and i flat the BB!! He continues flop and i flat again.  I check again on the turn and he bets.  I now realise I can get all his chips so 3 bet and get the insta shove from him I was expecting and quickly snap him off!”

Ricky had this to say on his win:

“It always feels good to win, but I’ve won nothing yet.  I want that title!

Very well played Sir!



Points on the night:


Position Name Points
1 Ricky Buckland 15
2 Aneurin Venables 12
3 Amy Coshan 10
4 Matt Godwin 8
5 Matt McKinlay 6
6 Adam Phelan 5
7 Lee Mason 4
8 Hitendra Patel 3
9 Dan Ryder 2
10 Adam Sharples 1

Table so far:


1 Lee Mason 37
2 Ricky Buckland 29
3 Matt Godwin 28
4 Matt McKinlay 25
5 Gareth Howard 24
6 Matt Kay 24
7 Aneurin Venables 22
8 Kev McCauley 19
9 Amy Coshan 16
10 Brian Yates 15
11 Adam Smith 14
12 Paul Foy 10
13 Steve Healey 8
14 Dan Ryder 7
15 Matt Cromwell 6
16 Adam Sharples 6
17 Rich Hughes 6
18 Hitendra Patel 6
19 Kevin Berrie 5
20 Adam Phelan 5
21 Tom Cawley 5
22 Tony Trippier 2
23 Nic Rawlings 2
24 Tony Griffiths 2
25 Liam Pickering 1
26 Laura Rhoden 1
27 Nic Cross 1
28 Charles Mason 0
29 Tod Wood 0
30 Graham Gorton 0
31 Rob Hewlitt 0


What’s on Wood?!  WOW

Time to ask our resident TV buff what’s on the box.  So without further a do… What’s on Wood?

“Think BBC are repeating Detectorists”  Also, I’ve just started watching Dark on Netflix. Need to concentrate to keep up with who’s who, but worth a watch.

Cheers Todimus #boysontour


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