Matt Ty-Godwin wins Week 1, Season 22. Gaz Howard 2nd, Kev McCauley 3rd

BCPC Season 22, Game 1 Friday 17th May 2019


Guess who’s back???  Back again!

Yes, yes, put your hands together and a big round of applause for the BCPC’s first game of Season 22, hurrah!

Right…  Now that’s out the way off we go…

Bounty game tonight would ensure double bubble at £20 giving the BCPC players some extra incentive to make it deep in the game.  Could Nye Venables pick up where he left off?  Could Mr. Steve Healey continue his cracking form of season 21 in to the new season?  Our no.1 ranked Toddimus would miss the game giving the rest a great opportunity to get a head start on Mr. J/6 off.

A nice touch by the New Talbot to Kev McCauley who became the BCPC’s 100th player and managed to bag himself a meal for 2 gratis, awesome!


Points before the off.


You avin a Laugh?!


Tonight’s game


26 osses would make up tonight’s game at the New Talbot in West Bromwich (The only place to go for awesome sizzling mixed grills)  **sponsor money in the post please.

It wouldn’t take long though before we had dropped to 25 and the winner of shirt of shame for week 2 would be Mr. Healey exiting first.  The lucky winner of his chips would be Kev Berrie after Dans initial raise., Kev would flat and Steve would reraise.  This time Dan would call and Kev would reraise for 2k.  Steve would duly shove leaving Dan to fold whilst finding a call in Kev getting it in all pre.  The show of cards would be AK for Healey, but not quite as good as the pocket rocket Aces for Kev and it was goodnight Vienna!

Cromwell wouldn’t last much longer sensing some funny business from Mason.  It wasn’t however, he’d gone and hit the flush off the flop, DOH! An early stack for Mason and Cromwell would be out in 25th.

More players dropping and by 8.30 Liam had gone.  His pocket 7’s no match for Nye’s pocket Kings.  Incidentally this was the first hand Nye had played of the night!

Matt Godwin had been praying to the poker God’s before the game and they must have been listening as Rob bets the pot of 1500 and Matt calls with the flush draw and gutshot.  8? you say Matt?  8 you shall have!



For Huw his game would finish at the hands of BCPC returner Tony Griffiths.  After Tony had bet out to 350 under the gun, Huw would shove his final 1050 with 10/9 to find a single heads up call with Tony and the A/J would seal his fate.


Gaz Howard would be getting involved in the action around 9.40 duly raising to 350 finding 2 callers in Matt Godwin and Nic Cross.  Nye would then duly shove for around 5k and Claire would call putting herself at risk all in.  Gaz would also call the further 3k along with Matt and leave Nic to fold.  A flop to follow would make it a kiong high board and that would be perfect for Gaz who was holding pocket Kings.  Gaz would take the majority leaving Nye to treble up the sides and bust Claire in the process.


Adam Sharples was getting a nice welcome to the BCPC after his Heads up runner up spot from the tournament not long prior as a guest to the club.  Not sure who dealt it, but I’m sure it’s Adam’s new best mate here at the BCPC.  Nice hand sir!


From this point everyone must have fallen asleep as we go from Sharples Quad Jacks (who incidentally exited in 16th) to this…. 🙁





Lee Mason gets KNOCKED OUT in 5th courtesy of newcomer Kev McCauley (SEE WHAT I DID THERE? KNOCKED OUT! :-D), say wha?!!  The board pairs twice counterfeiting the 2nd pair for Lee and leaves it to a king kicker to seal his fate, unlucky Lee.



2 minutes later we were 3 handed with Ricky exiting in 4th after a great Vienna trip bagging himself a gold and Silver in the APAT, well done Ricky!

Kev McCauley would leave us in 3rd place after a great start to his BCPC career, well played sir!

And so, here we were… The greatest of friends, the greatest of rivals, Mr. Howard vs Mr. Godwin in a clash of the titans not seen since, well…. anyway…

It appeared to be first blood to Gaz as Matt put him all in for 22k on the river.  Gaz has a think, makes the call and it’s correct with the nut flush.  The 2 Kings must have given Gaz some nightmares of full houses which fortunately for Gaz, were unfounded.



With word on the grapevine Gaz had got the better of Matt a couple of times which led to an all in tilt shove of J/3 by Matt, but he’d managed to ride the storm and get through.  Just one final push and some extra poker God praying and Matt could possibly see his first ever BCPC win.  Could he do it?

Hell yeah!  It was all over.  The A/4 of Matt was good enough to see off Gaz’s J/8 and we would see the man who would top the leaderboard after week 1, BOOM!



Matt had this to say on his win:

“I’m happy to win my first game in my fourth season.  I’ve had a couple of close calls before but finally got rid of the monkey off my back, even sweeter beating me mate Howard heads up for the first time in 3 attempts.”

Well played and congratulations on your first win buddy!


Points on the night:


Position Name Points
1 Matt Godwin 15
2 Gareth Howard 12
3 Kev McCauley 10
4 Ricky Buckland 8
5 Lee Mason 6
6 Tom Cawley 5
7 Dan Ryder 4
8 Amy Coshan 3
9 Tony Griffiths 2
10 Nic Cross 1



What’s on Wood?!  WOW

Time to ask our resident TV buff what’s on the box.  So without further a do… What’s on Wood?

“GOT- What happened there then? Anyway I’m enjoying Ghosts at the moment (same people who do Horrible Histories) – silly but funny.  Also watching Vikings for the first time.  Mostly to shut Laura up 😉

Cheers Todimus #boysontour


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Next game : Season 22, Week 2 Friday 14th June 2019