BCPC Premier League (Online)


The BCPC Online Leagues are the internet arm of our club and are open to anyone, provided they are able to join up to whichever online poker site we are using to play the games.

Each season is normally 15-20 games (although this can change dependent upon the number of players):

  • 5 players or less – winner takes all
  • 6-8 players – top 2 paid
  • 9 players or more – top 3 paid

At the end of the season the top 4-7 players in the league automatically qualify for a live final. Chip stacks for the live final will be determined at a rate of 200 per point gained during the season.

The players in positions four below automatic qualifying play heads-up for a place in the live final. These games will be played prior to the start of the live final, unless players agree to play online. These will be best-of-three, but should BOTH players not be able to make a 7pm start, it will be moved back to 7.30pm and become sudden death.

Payouts are announced prior to each season.

The Entry Fee to the Premier League is £40-£60 per season paid upfront.

The cost of each game is usually £10.

The player finishing top of the Premier League will win a cash prize.

The player winning the Premier League Live Final will be crowned Premier League Champion and receive a trophy, cash, and a live seat at in which he/she will split any winnings 50/50 with the other Premier League players for that season following normal BCPC rules.

Players finishing second and third at the Premier League Live Final will also receive cash prizes.