Paul Foy wins Season 21 Week 5, Steve Healey 2nd, Nye Venables 3rd.

BCPC Season 21, Game 5 Friday 8th March 2019


Week 5 was upon us and we were starting to get towards the all important finale.  With it being so close at the top a good point score could drastically affect the standings and ultimately start to give an indication of how the season may look, who would get the points and ultimately the seats to represent the BCPC faithful for a return on subs investment!


Points before the off


Position Name Pts
1 Matt Cromwell 23
2 Aneurin Venables 22
3 Tony Trippier 21
4 Brian Yates 21
5 Matt Godwin 17
6 Tod Wood 16
7 Gareth Howard 15
8 Kevin Berrie 15
9 Dan Ryder 12
10 Adam Phelan 12

Tonight’s game


22 players had managed to make the game tonight which was a bit lower than the usual turn out giving the runners a great opportunity to bag some points.  Gaz Howard would unfortunately sit lie this one out (hopefully with leg elevated) after doing over his ankle. Ouch!  Get well soon Gaz!


Foyie managed to turn up late, sit down and not much longer get involved in this around the 8.30 mark.  Cromwell and Trev would join him.   Trev bets 300, Matt and Foyie call.  Cromwell then checks the flop as rev would push all in for 1675 with AQ.  Foyie duly calls and Cromwell reraises all in over the top with the A8.  Foyie calls, a flush follows and Trev would leave us first out resulting in a big stack for Foy.  Nice hand sir!


Dan Ryder taking down this nice hand with runner runner,  suits you sir!

Cromwell was happy to look down on Queen King, but even happier with the high hand and double up from Coshan.  All in on the flop after hitting trip Queens, but needed to avoid a 6 or diamond on the river.  Another Queen would do it for Quads with King kicker and £57 for the efforts, yay!

Cromwell was again inadvertently raising on Coshan’s big blind which didn’t go down too well.  A lowish board dropped before Amy bets out 1200 to put Matt’s tournament on the line.  Armed with only an Ace he tanks and puts Coshan on nothing.  His 9 plays and a double up keeps him in the game around 9pm.

Mooch was betting his pocket rockets  and found a reraise off Nye with A/Q .  Mooch duly calls then this happened, ouch!  Unlucky Mooch!  Still in, but Nye had amassed some chips right there!


Cromwell again battling with Coshan; pocket 3’s vs A/K AIPF in a real coin toss.  A flush would do it and another


After issues on the top table in the previous game getting blinds up notifications I thought it be good to positively reward our players who made the journey down to notify the top table… so here’s to you Matt 😉




A nice three way at 10 o clock,  Matt Kay shoves, Amy shoves along with Phelan.

Amy has the slight hope of a flush, but that was dashed and so Amy exits next followed by Matty Kay in a double whammy!




Rich takes his wife out, unsure if it was right hook, uppercut or for dinner but either way he took her out.

Ohhh, it was poker!  She exits in 15th thanks to river a river rat, ouch!  AQ Vs KJ on a 10 J X X K board :-s


Not wanting to miss out on the positive reinforcement it was Mark’s turn to let us know. thanks Mark!


Nye was making his 3:1 shots count, this time a river card with his AQ exiting Mark England courtesy of his AK  Unlucky Mark!


Another unhappy camper in the form of Tony Trippier and Cromwell just about managed to save his chips going in to Nic’s pile.  A 1 outer would see TT exit and Nic seemed really upset about it.

To Amy, with love from Nic xx 😀


Cromwell was remassing his chipstack, this time courtesy of a full house beating the old nut flush against Dan Ryder I believe.


Meanwhile the BCPC number 1 Wood was doubling up against Nic, but a sweat nevertheless!

Cawley would exit in 11th leaving the last 10 to do battle on the final table!

Final Table


Rich would exit in 10th to face his wife’s retribution courtesy of Nye, Jacks vs Aces



Nic would join him in 9th place after announcing straight!  Turns out it was a pair of 5’s and a misread hand, unlucky Nic after amassing a large chipstack in the build up to the final table.

Tod would leave the fold in 8th shortly followed by Mooch in 7th against Cromwell.


Phelan manages to double up with A/5 vs Matt McKinley whilst Steve Healey manages to get away from his QKss pre.  Nice!


Chips were being passed around however and this time McKinley was receiving a treble up courtesy of Nye and Foyie.



With more yoyo’s than the Albion, Steve H managed a double up on McKinley to send him back down again with fumes keeping the win alive.


It wasn’t to be though and Steve finished him off in 6th


Cromwell current leader would be out in 5th.  His A/5 no match for Nyes flopped flush after hitting top pair leaving Nye with a massive stack and a perfect opportunity to take the game and top spot.


Nye received a bit of Karma for his cheer on taking out Cromwell, getting taken up the batty by Phelan with some A/5 redemption.

No updates from this point on but Foyie emerged victorious with Phelan in 4th, Nye in 3rd and a heads up win against Adelaide would seal Foyie’s 2nd BCPC win in all the years he has been playing.  Last time when Noah was playing haha.   Well played!


Paul had this to say on his win

“Got lucky early doors and rode the wave lol and then on ft got a bit lucky again tbh.  I was due a win it’s been a while ;-D”


Points on the night:


Position Name Points Actual Points
1 Paul Foy 15 0
2 Steve Healey 12 0
3 Aneurin Venables 10 0
4 Adam Phelan 8 0
5 Matt Cromwell 6 0
6 Matt McKinlay 5 0
7 Graham Gorton 4 0
8 Tod Wood 3 0
9 Nic Rawlings 2 0
10 Rich Hughes 1 0

League Table after tonight’s game


Position Name TOTAL
1 Aneurin Venables 32
2 Matt Cromwell 29
3 Paul Foy 23
4 Brian Yates 21
5 Tony Trippier 21
6 Adam Phelan 20
7 Tod Wood 19
8 Matt Godwin 17
9 Steve Healey 16
10 Gareth Howard 15
11 Kevin Berrie 15
12 Dan Ryder 12
13 Rich Hughes 11
14 Amy Coshan 11
15 Lee Mason 10
16 Courtney Penn 8
17 Graham Gorton 7
18 Nic Rawlings 7
19 Tom Cawley 6
20 Claire Bailey 6
21 Yvonne Hughes 5
22 Matt McKinlay 5
23 Adam Smith 4
24 Liam Pickering 4
25 Trevor Greenway 3
26 Laura Rhoden 3
27 Claire Thornton 0
28 Hitendra Patel 0
29 Charles Mason 0
30 Mark England 0
31 Ricky Buckland 0
32 Matt Kay 0
33 Marc Ward 0


What’s on Wood?!  WOW

Time to ask our resident TV buff what’s on the box.  So without further a do… What’s on Wood?

“Really enjoying the Umbrella Academy on Netflix – same kind of vibe as Misfits. Ish. Check it out!

Cheers Todimus #boysontour

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