Sean Priest Wins Season 13 Week 4, Gareth Howard 2nd, Chris Baker 3rd

BCPC Season 13, Game 4 – Friday 13 February 2015

Christ on a bike – got a lot to do today so let’s crack on (while listening to 22min version of Autobahn, much to the delight of the missus). Leaderboard going into week 4 (moving day, if you’ll recall) was:

Position Name Pts
1 Tod Wood 30
2 Tony Griffiths 22
3 Adam Smith 18
4 Matt Kay 15
5 Kevin Berrie 15
6 Gareth Howard 12
7 Kevin O’Driscoll 12
8 Brian Yates 12
9 Tony Trippier 10
10 Paul Foy 10

Tony G, Matt Kay, John Harfield and Andy Ubermeister all missing so we started with 21 players on 3 tables.

Let’s Countdoooooown!

Tony proudly turned up with some kind of Hindu good-luck goddess – so nothing could go wrong there. More on that later. By the way if you didn’t know who Tony T is:

League Champion Seasons 1 & 7 Heads-Up Champion Season 2

League Champion Seasons 1 & 7
Heads-Up Champion Season 2










He’s also a massive:












Chris proudly donned the Shirt of Shame, then proceeded to have a bit of Carling. More on that later.

20.06 – “Foyie’s in the game”. Good to know.

Adam Smith, ever the sharp student of the game, had a straight flush but didn’t realise.

Long live Laverne and Shirley – hang on, I didn’t write that!

Tony was one of the first out. With Shakti (or wherever it was) providing the divine power surging through the Crazy Currant, nothing could go wrong, right? All-in with AK v Laura’s AJ. A king on the flop – good! A jack on the flop – not good, but OK. Jack on the river – less than good. The important thing in this situation is to not lose it.












So anyway after Tony’s frankly disturbing outburst the game moved on.

Some jiggery-pokery from Paul Foy with the deck. Laura: “You ain’t Paul Daniels, you’re Paul Foy!” Again, good to know.

Adam Smith was (I think) our Michael Bublé-boy.

Final table

Position Pts Name Comment
I moved to the dealer’s choice cash game so being honest didn’t pick up much details from the final table – must try harder. At least the cash session was lucrative. Gonna change my name to Martha Plimpton – ‘cause boy was I rivered. (Bri can’t believe you called £5 to hit a gutshot AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – although funnily enough the maths wasn’t totally bogus, but why did you have to hit?? Pfffff.)
10 1 Nic Rawlings AQ v the 77 of man of the moment, Sean Priest. The 7s improved to a set.
9 2 Dawn Wilson Answers on a postcard.
Btw let’s not forget that Kev’s new nickname is the Tadpole.TadpoleDidn’t hear it mentioned once last night.
8 3 Steve Healey Got frisky with 75o, ran into 66 of Matt Wilson.
7 4 Matt Wilson Matt was on fire tonight. No, seriously, he said it was really warm. Not sure how he exited – something about AQ.
6 5 Adam Phelan AJ v Jay’s QT is all I have written down.
5 6 Jay Scott Key hand was 88 v AJ, not sure who against.
4 8 Steve Redfern A big call from Gaz with 33 held up against Steve’s shove with TQ. OK held up as an understatement as two more 3s came on the board. 🙂
3 10 Chris Baker God knows. Tried to get some sense on the way home. Yeah, that didn’t go that well.
Runner up 12 Gareth Howard Something like Gaz’s fourth second place, but it takes him into second overall. All in with J6 on a 356 flop v Sean’s 45, the 2 on the turn and no chop on the river. You know I’m beginning to think J6 isn’t a good hand.
Winner 15 Sean Priest Playing well, running well, confidence is up and getting some great results.










Bye-bye Steve Redfern

Sad day for the club as we say goodbye to Steve, a driving force in the club since day 1. We’ve had some battles down the years! 🙂 The position of treasurer is now available on the committee. If you’re interested, let one of the committee members – Brian Yates, Tod Wood, Paul Foy, Adam Phelan or Andy Duncan – know.

The drive home

Tried to engage Chris in coversation a few times – this was after his ‘dancing’ in the car park, as described by Brian – and eventually got, “Sorry, Tod – if you want me to resonate with the last 15 mins, 5 hours like I’m the small man in the corner of channel 4 it ain’t gonna happen. I’m not that man on Countdown.” Lolz.

Next league game

Friday 13 March 2015

BCPC Team Event

This will be on Sat 7 March 2015 at the Britannia Inn! Details in the Calendar section of the website.

Vegas Monster Stack Tournament

This will be on Sat 28 March. Check out the details on Facebook – think Bri is trying to set up a final satellite in the next couple of weeks.


Fortitude – tested my, well, fortitude halfway through second episode but am enjoying it again now.

Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe – don’t think it’s as good as previous years but still great.

Broadchurch – gone a bit mental – strangest episode of Doctor Who I’ve ever seen.

Go away

Au revoir.