Steve Healey Wins Season 14 Week 1, Kev Berrie 2nd, Jay Scott 3rd

BCPC Season 14, Game 1 – Friday 8 May 2015

Weeeeeeee, new season!

Quite a few new and returning players (hello and welcome) meant we started with 29 runners, so quite a big field to battle through to make the final table.

Unfortunately I started drinking at 3.45 as I had a leaving do to attend, so turned up already pretty drunk and went downhill from there. As such I’m aware of about things and the final results. Sorry about that. I definitely recall getting rivered by Jay as his JJ improved to a set to beat my QK. Tony lost most of his chips to J4. Chris got his aces cracked by Dale (not sure what Dale had). Adam Phelan went out with something like KK v an underpair v QK. The winning hand was AK v QK. Possibly.

Think Steve Freer was the big winner in the cash game.

And then of course there was this:

Thank you, Andy Overton.

Final table positions

Position Name Pts
10th Jake Poxon 1
9th Mark Eagles 2
8th Steve Smart 3
7th Will Young 4
6th Brian Yates 5
5th Graham Gorton 6
4th Kev O’Driscoll 8
3rd Jay Scott 10
Runner-up Kev Berrie 12
Winner Steve Healey 15

Steve_Healey14-1So Steve gets his second win which is a great start in his attempt to be the first player to win 3 titles. Two other former champions made the final table as well – Graham ‘Mooch’ Gorton and Mark Eagles. A solid start for Brian who will be looking for that elusive first main league title (having already won Premier League league and championship, Heads-up and Summer Deepstack).

Next League Game

Friday 5 June 2015


See ya.