Tod Wood Wins Season 16 Week 5, Claire Thornton 2nd, Steve Healey 3rd

BCPC Season 16, Game 5 – Friday 9 September 2016

An eventful night of poker last night and lots of insane run-outs. Also, some good fashion on display.













League table at the start of the night:

Position Name Pts
1 Tod Wood 28
2 Simon Smith 25
3 Matt Godwin 22
4 Adam Smith 21
5 Amy Coshan 19
6 Brian Yates 18
7 Chris Baker 18
8 Charles Mason 17
9 Matt Kay 15
10 Rich Hughes 15

On the night

KInd of a surreal start to the night. Us lot on the feature table just kept seeing loads of people making their way to the bar having been knocked out – felt like 5 or 6 in the first level.

TT was out first hand, his JJ no good against Chris’s AA.











I think Bri and Jake have kissed and made up after Bri’s exit hand. Not sure of the hands but Bri shoved the river I believe, and Liam was lookuing like folding, especially since there was no one to play cash with. Then Jake pipes up, ‘”No, Matt Kay and Tony T are out – they’ll play with ya!” So Liam called and won. 🙂

Kev O’D and Matt G seemed to clash a fair amount throughout the night. Kev thought he’d got some chips back turning the Q to give him top pair. Unfortunately his “I’m afraid I spiked the queen” speech wasn’t as good as “I flopped two pair with 94”. Lolz.












Some other interestingt boards:


Dawn called Liam’s open shove with 34. All looked bleak, but then…. 🙂

Everyone loves a chopped pot, right?










Si was delighted to flop 2 pair after going in behind against Kev B’s JK. Then came the 9.











Steve H sitting pretty with flopped set of kings. Oh, you want two more spades you say?…










I didn’t capture the photo, but Dawn got unlucky to go out 9th – Tod opened to 4kisk and Dawn shoved for 12kish. Tod called and showed JK, Dawn had pocket 3s. The board ran out something like Q7A7A.

Kev B followed shortly after, his KQ losing out to Steve’s pocket 9s.

Amy ran her A8 shove into Claire’s AK to finish 7th.

Nic Cross’s punt with 9T was called by Steve’s AQ, which won.

Si’s A2 shove picked off by Claire with TT – Steve and Claire taking it in turns to deal the pain.

Nic Rawlings aka Nic+2 had been all in a few times and survived, but with two big blinds he was forced to call all-in with K7 to Tod’s AQ raise – no help and Nic finished in 4th.

Steve then came a cropper in a huge pot against Claire – his 47 hitting two pair, but Claire had hit the straight with 56.

By 2.30 I think we were all pretty much done, so when Tod picked up aces heads up, and Claire turned a flush draw with JQ diamonds, it all went in. The aces held and Tod won.

So the points scorers on the night were:

Position Name Usual Points Actual Points
1 Tod Wood 15 15
2 Claire Thornton 12 12
3 Steve Healey 10 10
4 Nic Rawlings 8 8
5 Simon Smith 6 6
6 Nic Cross 5 5
7 Amy Coshan 4 4
8 Kevin Berrie 3 2
9 Dawn Wilson 2 2
10 Liam Pickering 1 1















Not camp at all.

So going into the final game the table looks like this:

Position Name Pts
1 Tod Wood 43
2 Simon Smith 31
3 Amy Coshan 23
4 Matt Godwin 22
5 Adam Smith 21
6 Steve Healey 20
7 Brian Yates 18
8 Chris Baker 18
9 Charles Mason 17
10 Matt Kay 15

Which means Si has to win the final game and Tod not finish 4th or higher, otherwise Tod will win his second title, joining Steve Redfern, Tony Tripper and Steve Healey.

Next league game (and AGM)

Friday 7 October 2016.


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