Adam Phelan wins Season 22, Week 6 as Matt Godwin is crowned Season 22 Champion! Rich Hughes 2nd, Matt Godwin 3rd

BCPC Season 22, Game 6 Friday 4th October 2019


We have arrived!  The final game of the season with Lee Mason taking a commanding lead and one hand on the title.  After such a great performance over the course he would have to do exceptionally well to improve his points tally, 3rd in fact which would most probably result in a sitting duck scenario whilst the like of Ricky, Godders, McKinlay, Howard and Kay looked to topple him at the last minute.

As to the end of the season, this moment in the BCPC history would also mark an end to the blogs as we know it.  With the Whatsapp group doing the business to keep the majority updated we will see a wind down going forward to the bare minimum on the blog so let’s finish with a bang!


Points before the off.


1 Lee Mason 37
2 Ricky Buckland 29
3 Matt Godwin 28
4 Matt McKinlay 25
5 Gareth Howard 24
6 Matt Kay 24
7 Aneurin Venables 22
8 Kev McCauley 19
9 Amy Coshan 16
10 Brian Yates 15
11 Adam Smith 14
12 Paul Foy 10
13 Steve Healey 8
14 Dan Ryder 7
15 Matt Cromwell 6
16 Adam Sharples 6
17 Rich Hughes 6
18 Hitendra Patel 6
19 Kevin Berrie 5
20 Adam Phelan 5
21 Tom Cawley 5
22 Tony Trippier 2
23 Nic Rawlings 2
24 Tony Griffiths 2
25 Liam Pickering 1
26 Laura Rhoden 1
27 Nic Cross 1
28 Charles Mason 0
29 Tod Wood 0
30 Graham Gorton 0
31 Rob Hewlitt 0


Tonight’s game


20 runners would sit down meaning 2 tables and a great opportunity to collect the points.  Mason would have hoped for more to lower the chances of some nasty surprises but it wasn’t to be and we were off!

It wasn’t the best of starts for Mason and Steve Healey would do it in the most embarassing of fashions…

A standard preflop raise with 7-2 off and gets there after a K 9 3 flop!  Ouch!


Ricky onm the other hand was picking up a nice pocket pair of Jacks early on.  It was made even nicer when he hit the set but after a scary wet board decides to check back the river to Healey and scoop what was there.

Jacks were feeling the love and the next hand it was Cromwell’s turn to have them.  Again a set followed and Cromwell scoops a nice chunk vs Foyie’s 2 pair.  Sack the dealer! 🙂

It was the start of things to come as Kay, Cromwell and Buckland got involved preflop.  Ricky raising in cutoff to 350 and a flop came down 10-10-10.  Checks all round before Matty Kay leads on turn seeing Cromwell leave Ricky and Kay to it.  A Q on the river and a bet by Matt Kay would be called off by Ricky.  Kay shows quads and Ricky loses a few with the pocket aces, unlucky sir!


Next up Phelan would take a few chips from the father in law.  Pocket 3’s making 2 pair off the flop and a full house by the turn.  The extra river 6 did slow the action down however else it could have been a whole lot more.  Nice hand Ad!


Cromwell’s night was possibly over as Nye shoves with pocket 10’s and Matt calls with A J. One card to go and the Ace lands giving Cromwell a double up. Not content with it straight after Cromwell decides to take a few chips from Matt Kay on the button raising it up with 78 pre.  2 pair flop you say?  Thank you very much and the Ace on the turn would help to extract a few more from Kay’s A/9 holding.

We were to have a 3 way pot with both Nye and Healey all in come 10.30pm!  Nye with AJ, Matt Kay holding 3/3 and Healey AQ respectively.  Miraculously the 3’s hold and Nye exits leaving Healey the shorter of the 2 moving forward.


Healey would now have some work to do to get back in the game and 15 minutes later would be all in for his tournament life by the turn.  Gaz’s 2 flopped two pair holding as Healey could find that river diamond for the flush.  Nice hand Gaz, UL Steve!


Matty Kays run good would continue as he finds a double up courtesy of Cromwell.  A slowly played board and Cromwell bets 2k on the river resulting in a Kay shove and Cromwell instacall.  Nice hand Matt, pocket Kings booyah!

Not content with pocket Kings and quads, Matt Kay wanted more the greedy f((*&U(*&(&^ 😀  His victim would be Foyie who would exit as Kay scooped his 2nd quads of the night!  Nice hand sir!!


Brian would exit next after a 3 way all in involving himself, Phelan and Gaz.  Phelan’s Jacks  holding up, nice hand sir which leads Howard holding on for dear life!


It wasn’t to be however for Gaz.  He gets it in with AK and has 3 callers.  a 5-8-8 board would result in a flopped boat for Cromwell and the rest is history.

Cromwell would exit in 11th followed by Kev Berrie for the 1 point and that would mean…



The final 9 would look a little something like this (alphabetical order)

Adam Phelan

Adam Smith

Amy Coshan

Lee Mason

Matt Godwin

Matt Kay

Matt McKinlay

Nic Rawlings

Rich Hughes


Rich Hughes would take out Lee Mason in 9th blind vs blind and that would mean his points tally would stay the same due to 4 previous better positions.  It was now the nervous wait for Mason as he eagerly watched the final table whittle down.

Next to exit would be Amy Coshan followed by Rich Hughes second head of the final table in Adam Smith for 7th place.  This would mean out of the remaining 6, 3 could still win the title!

Rich Highes was gathering those heads and Matt Kay who had been running so well all night was the surprise victim after being earmarked to win it earlier.  Richard’s flush doing the biz, nice one!


This would mean Matt Kay could no longer win the title and of the remaining 5; Rich Hughes would need a 2nd place finish to win a seat and Matt McKinlay in 3rd.  Phelan could also bag one with a win and Godwin needing a 3rd place finish to lift the title from under Mason’s nose!

Godwin would hold on and scoop the pot after a scary community up against pocket 8’s!

McKinlay would exit in 5th courtesy of Adam.

Nic Rawlings gets it all in with AK and Adam calls with Q10 with Nic at risk, if he goes Godwin is crowned champion, but an Ace on the turn gives Nic is pair of aces and a double up denying Godwin!

The moment was upon us and the time was now.  Nic Rawlings gets it in with AQ and is at risk against bigger stack Rich Hughes holding pocket 5’s.  If Nic doesn’t improve he will exit in 4th crowning Godwin the champion.  Mason looks on in hope as Godwin tries to play it calm.

So Nic AQsh

Rich 5/5dh

Flop 4d  7s Kd

Hughes calls for Diamonds!!

Turn Jc  giving Nic an extra 4 outs with the 10’s


Nic would now need an Ace, a 10 or a Queen to double up and deny Godwin…


River was the 7c meaning we had a new champion in Godwin!  He congratulates Lee on a hard fought season and Lee wonders how it got away.  A fantastic season ending to two great competitors!

We still had the fact of the last 3 to play out however and so we continue!

Matt by this point not caring exited in 3rd which would leave Rich Hughes and Phelan to battle it out.  They both started with roughly even stack and for a while a few chips were passed here and there before Rich lost a chunk whilst being ahead and from there it would always be an uphill struggle.  Adam managed to finish him off and take down the week 6 winners crown!

Fantastic performance by Phelan who was graciously opted to give his quote space to Godwin to talk about his championship win.  Matt, the floor is yours…

When Gaz invited me to play the BCPC I thought it was going to be an easy pub game but I couldn’t of been any further from the truth there are some very good players in the club . So winning the league is a big achievement especially being 9 points behind the leader going into the last game . I knew I needed to finish 3rd or better depending on other results to actually do it

Very well played Sir and a massive congratulations to you for the week 6 win and to Lee for pushing so close all the way.  Also a big congratulations to the seat winners for the season.  Go do yourselves and the BCPC proud!



Points on the night:

Season 22 Final Table Standings:


Position Name Played Pts
1 Matt Godwin 6 38
2 Lee Mason 6 37
3 Matt McKinlay 6 31
4 Ricky Buckland 6 29
5 Matt Kay 5 29
6 Gareth Howard 6 24
7 Aneurin Venables 6 22
8 Adam Phelan 6 20
9 Kev McCauley 4 19
10 Amy Coshan 5 19
11 Rich Hughes 4 18
12 Adam Smith 5 18
13 Brian Yates 6 15
14 Paul Foy 3 10
15 Nic Rawlings 6 10
16 Steve Healey 6 8
17 Dan Ryder 6 7
18 Matt Cromwell 5 6
19 Kevin Berrie 6 6
20 Adam Sharples 4 6
21 Hitendra Patel 5 6
22 Tom Cawley 4 5
23 Tony Trippier 3 2
24 Tony Griffiths 3 2
25 Liam Pickering 5 1
26 Laura Rhoden 4 1
27 Nic Cross 4 1
28 Charles Mason 3 0
29 Rob Hewlitt 5 0
30 Tod Wood 2 0
31 Graham Gorton 2 0


What’s on Wood?!  WOW

Time to ask our resident TV buff what’s on the box.  So without further a do… What’s on Wood?

Just finished series 2 of Motherland. An excellent British sitcom! WILTY is back and the first episode was as brilliant as ever. And Celebrity Hunted is on! That’s all you need really. 🤗”

Cheers Todimus #boysontour


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