Andy Overton is Season 2 Champion

1 Andy Overton 39
2 Matt McKinlay 38
3 Marcel Furet 34
4 Malcolm Howell 33
5 Chris Baker 26
6 Tod Wood 26
7 Brian Yates 26
8 Paul Foy 25
9 Maxine McKinlay 22
10 Will Young 21
11 Ant Williams 20
12 Tony Trippier 20
13 Richard Davis 16
14 Darren Hooper 12
15 Joey Williams 10
16 Paul Melia 8
17 Steve Freer 5
18 Dave Allen 4
19 Steve Redfern 3

An exciting end to Season Two of the Black Country Poker Club was assured before the final night as just 3 points seperated the top 4 players. 3 of those players, Andy Overton, Marcel Furet and Malcolm Howell were all on the same table as we kicked-off, but it was Season One Champion Tony Trippier who was a surprising first player out when Will Young eliminated him early in Level 2 and ultimately cost him his seat in the BCPC team for Manchester in December.

Marcel was playing an aggressive game early on but after losing a big pot, he called on all-in on a board of
js        holding  :as:   jd  after Steve Freer, who was chip-leader, shoved all-in with   kd     .  The turn came   ah  and the river of      saw Marcel double-up.

Another player making a good start was Richard Davis and he ended Malcolm Howell’s 100% record for making the Final Table at the BCPC and also put paid to his hopes of winning the Title, eliminating him in 15th and in doing so, giving a faint hope to Title outsiders Tod Wood and Brian Yates.

After Steve Freer lost that big pot to Marcel, he never regained his early momentum and was all-in again on a board of
kc        holding   ac     . Brian held   kd   kh  and fortunately, the flush missed and so Steve exited in 14th with no-show Dave Allen getting blinded out in 13th soon afterwards.

We then had a monsterous 20k pot where Marcel shoved on a flop of          holding        but Richard insta-called after flopping the straight with   ts   jh  and the board blanked to leave Marcel short and Richard…errmm……NOT short !

Season One 3rd place man Steve Redfern, sitting in the “Shirt Of Shame” tonight for the first time, shoved with ts   js  and got two callers, Marcel was all-in also with        and big-stack Richard called with   :as:   qs   but this time it was Marcel’s turn to see another set hold. Richard took the small side pot and Steve exited in 12th, leaving him in bottom spot for the Season and the Shirt-Of-Shame to open Season Three.

Matt McKinlay was (Not) quietly building chips on Table 2 and when he outdrew Joey Williams with  kh   js  against        ac   jh  on a   ks   jc   ::  flop, we were down to the Final Table.

Tod was eliminated in 10th spot with  ah     against Ant Williams with   ac   jh  on a Jack-High board and so didn’t score any points and was left to sweat as to whether 26 points would be enough to keep him in 6th place in the league for a £168 DTD seat.

Leader Andy Overton had looked more pressured than ever before, tonight and was finally forced to shove with
ah     and was delighted to get a call from Richard holding   ac      , doubling up as they both missed.

Ant Williams was the next player all-in, re-raising Maxine McKinlay with   ac   qh  . Maxine decided to gamble with         ::   ::  and when the board came   tc           kh        it was Ant who was out in 9th.

Soon afterwards we had a hand that would have massive implications on who would win Season Two. In a 3-way pot, Maxine raised with  qs   qh  and Andy shoved for his tourney with   kh   ks  . Matt ALSO called     kc  but it was Andy’s Kings that held up to see him triple-up and put him in his strongest position all night.

Our next all-in saw Marcel shove with   js     and get a call from Will holding   ad     .
The board came      kd   td   ah   kh  to leave Marcel out in 8th but with a seat assured as his Season’s prize.

Will was having by far his best game of the season and on a flop of         :as:  his check saw all the money go in on the turn of     and Andy showed   kh   kd  but Will had outplayed him with his   ah     and the blank river left Andy out in 7th with 39 points, knowing that Matt McKinlay would beat him to the Title if he could finish in 4th place for 8 points.

Brian Yates was 6th out when he hit the flop of      jc   ::  with his      jd  but Richard held   jh    qs  and the  qh   on the turn sealed Brian’s fate.

The hand of the night……maybe of the Season,…….came soon afterwards, and it showed just how competitive the BCPC has become.
An innocuous flop of   ::        was checked by both Matt and Maxine.  We saw action on the       turn when Matt bet out and Maxine called.  The river came down     and Matt shipped it all-in. Win the pot and Matt would surely be Champion…….but if Maxine was eliminated here, then she would NOT be in the team for Manchester.  After an agonising dwell, Maxine made what turned out to be a hero call with her   th     and Matt immediately mucked his   ts    to exit in 5th as Andy Overton celebrated being crowned BCPC Champion for Season Two.

Rich missed out on his first ever BCPC cash when on a   qs       ::     board, his   ad     looked good until Will showed      .

The top 3 of Maxine, Paul Foy and Will all had a chance of making the Manchester team now, with Paul also needing a 2nd place finish to win himself a £168 seat.
Paul was the chip-leader when Maxine got it all-in with   kd   kh  and Paul called with  ad   js   . The board was no help and Maxine doubled-up to 33k.

Paul was almost all-in against Will next with a similar hand of   :as:   jd  but this time he was racing as Will held        but the board came   ::       ::        to leave Paul with just 300 chips and he exited the next hand.

Maxine was delighted to see Paul out as she was now guaranteed her Manchester seat and Brian was happy as he now had a DTD £168 seat on behalf of the retiring Chris Baker, who finished the season in 5th place.

Maxine’s earlier win with pocket three’s had the chance to be reprised when Will called her all-in with   qh   jc  as Maxine held   ::   ::  and she led on the       td   th  flop and the    :as:  turn but the   qs   killed her on the river to give Will his first career BCPC victory and a top 10 finish to seal his Manchester seat.

A great end to another great season……..Congratulation’s to new Champion  ANDY OVERTON !!

POS                                      PLD  PTS   PRIZE
1     ANDY OVERTON                 5    39     £550 SEAT TO BE ARRANGED
2     MATT McKINLAY                6    38     £336 SEAT AT DTD DEEPSTACK
3     MARCEL FURET                  6    34     £336 SEAT AT DTD DEEPSTACK
4     MALCOLM HOWELL             6    33     £220 SEAT TO BE ARRANGED
5     CHRIS BAKER                    3     26    £168 SEAT AT DTD £20K TOURNEY
6     TOD WOOD                       6    26    £165 SEAT AT WALSALL £20K TOURNEY

7     BRIAN YATES                    6     26
8     PAUL FOY                        6      25
9     MAXINE McKINLAY             5     22
10    WILL YOUNG                     5     21

11    ANT WILLIAMS                  6     20
12    TONY TRIPPIER                  5    20
13    RICHARD DAVIS                 4     16
14    DARREN HOOPER                3     12
15    JOEY WILLIAMS                 6     10
16    PAUL MELIA                      4      8
17    STEVE FREER                    6      5
18    DAVE ALLEN                      2     4
19    STEVE REDFERN                 5     3    SHIRT OF SHAME