Gaz Howards wins Heads-Up Trophy beating Adam Sharples in Season 21

Friday 22nd February saw the heads up championship commence for yet another season and there were a total of 12 runners for this season’s event.

All eyes would by on Heads up King Nic Cross who had won the last 4 in a row!  Nic’s heads up form was about as consistent as his punctuality; rocking up a good 45 minutes after Kick off.  Champion privilege I guess 🙂

The 3 groups looked a little like this:

Group A Group B Group C
Paige Piercy Brian Yates Matt Cromwell
Sean Priest Tod Wood Gaz Howard
Adam Sharples Lorna Bennett Liam Pickering
Steve Healey Nic Cross Jack Hipkiss



Cromwell kicked off with Pickering pretty quickly and a close-ish game saw Cromwell come through on top in Group C.

Meanwhile in Group A, Paige got down to business with Sean which saw Sean triumphant for his first game

Massive game to start off in Group B seeing number 1 ranked Tod up against the Chairman and last season’s finalist Brian Yates with the former managing to take a great scalp to give Wood the first win!



It s Nic’s turn for a game after arriving fashionably late and he got off to a great start in Group B overcoming Lorna to start this season’s campaign unbeaten, but come the end of game two all players were on 1 game each with everyone winning and losing a game making group B very tight indeed.



Cromwell would see his 2nd game up against Jack and managed to get through that one to take his tally to 2 for 0 and leaving Jack winless after 2 games effectively ending his tournament.  Liam managed to pip Gaz in the 2nd round to give them a win a piece.  This would make Matt and Gaz’s game crucial.

A shootout comprising of Tod, Lorna and Brian would see Lorna come out on top putting Tod in the playoff places by way of seeing off Nic.  We were to have a new champion after 2 years!



Adam Sharples was cruising in group A seeing off all 3 of his competitors for an unbeaten 3 for 0 which would book his place in the semi finals.



The crunch game between Matt and Gaz would see Matt flatting his A/J to then reraise Gaz’s bet preflop. It would eventually all go in pre with Gaz turning over A/10ss to give Matt a great chance of a 3 for 0 and place in the semi’s.  Dreams however turned to disaster as 2 spades dropped on the flop, Cromwell calling the flush for Gaz which was duly delivered on the River and ultimately the game for Howard.  With 2 wins a piece it would be Gaz that went through to the semi’s due to beating Cromwell effectively leaving Matt to fight it out against Tod for the last semi final spot.


Here’s a picture of the lucky bugger….




And here’s a collection of other lucky bugger’s for the evening from certain hands 🙂




1 game, 1000 chips and good play by Tod would see him take half Matt’s stack and when Cromwell made a move he ran in to pocket 10’s.  Night night Vienna and Tod would join as the 4th player making the semi final’s look a little like this.









1st up would see Gaz pitted up against Lorna who he managed to dispatch comfortably with a 2-0 victory.  This would book his place in the final against either Adam or Tod, but it was Adam that managed to maintain his 100% record beating Tod 2-0.  Could he go one further to clinch the BCPC title?

After a long hard slog it would be Gaz that finally came out on top.  Adam raising and Gaz shoving with KJ that was snapped off by Adam’s K9 and that would mean a new champion for the BCPC heads up adding his league win just before to his tally!  Well played sir!


Gaz had this to say on the win:

” “Even though I still try hard I still can’t find a way to beat Liam Pickering.  It’s always nice to end games in level 1 when stacks are deeper and even nicer when it’s the first hand.  Hopedully these last few weeks will kick start me at the BCPC and earn you all some pennies”

With that Gaz wins a £200 seat to play on behalf of the club and Adam collected a cool £40 for his efforts with a double your money bonus and some free entertainment.  Nice!


Well played gents and good luck on your chosen game Gaz!