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Books Recommended by BCPC Players

Gus Hansen – Every Hand Revealed

Every Hand Revealed

Recommended by Andy Overton

Reason – It completely changed the way i think about poker. He shows exactly how he won a big tournament explaining his thinking behind every hand he played. He shows that it’s not about getting great cards but playing great poker. I used to play way too tight but after reading this i realised that’s not the way to win and my results have improved loads since changing my style to be more aggresive.

Mike Caro – Caro’s Book Of Tells

Caro's Book Of Tells

Recommended by Richard Davies

Reason – So that you too can appreciate the wonderful photographic excellence and hone your “tell spotting skills”

Read ‘Em And Reap – Phil Hellmuth

Read 'Em And Reap

Recommended by Debjani Duncan

Reason – Contains good descriptions of how to spot tells.

Doyle Brunson – Super System 2

Super System

Recommended by Marcel Furet

Reason – A good read and some good tips.

Dan Harrington – Harrington On Hold ‘Em

Harrington On Hold 'Em

Recommended by Malcolm Howell

Reason – Easy to follow.

Phil Gordon – Little Green Book and Little Blue Book

Little Green Book

Little Blue Book

Recommended by Matt Wright

Reason – What you need to know for solid poker.

Poker Formula 2 – Arnold Snyder

Poker Formula 2

Recommended by Will Young

Reason – Great book on tournament play.

Vicky Coren – For Richer For Poorer

For Richer For Poorer

Recommended by Tod Wood

Reason – Because she’s pretty! Unfortunately Tod, it’s not a picture book ;o)