Mark Eagles is Season 11 Champion

1 Mark Eagles 38
2 Tod Wood 37
3 Gareth Howard 32
4 Debjani Duncan 23
5 Steve Redfern 22
6 Matt Wilson 20
7 Paul Foy 20
8 Kevin O’Driscoll 19
9 Adam Phelan 19
10 Andy Duncan 18
11 Jay Scott 18
12 Steve Healey 17
13 Rob Hewlitt 16
14 Laura Rhoden 15
15 Ant Williams 12
16 Brian Yates 12
17 Andy Overton 10
18 Darren Hooper 8
19 Nic Rawlings 8
20 Dale Macchiarelli 8
21 Dawn Wilson 7
22 Tony Trippier 6
23 Paul Melia 5
24= Courtney Penn 3
24= Steve Ramsey 3
26= Charles Mason 0
26= Adam Smith 0
26= Graham Gorton 0
26= Clive Padden 0
26= Calum McLuckie 0
26= Warren Carless 0
32 Matt Wright 0

BCPC Season 11, Game 6 – Friday 2 May 2014

Hey troops.

So, very exciting going into the final game of the season! Would we see a golden Eagles performance? Would Gaz be sitting king of the Caste Howard? Would Duncan dare(s) to dream? (OK that one doesn’t really work.) Or would Tod Wood hang on?

By the end of the evening the victorious champion would be over the moon and looking something like this:

Grumpy dudeWhereas the runners up would be absolutely gutted, and looking something like this:

Grumpy dudeGoing into the final game we had:

Position Name Points
1 Tod Wood 37
2 Mark Eagles 32
3 Gaz Howard 32
4 Debjani Duncan 23
5 Steve Redfern 22

Mark and Gaz both needed at least a top 5 finish, and Debjani needed to win.

Btw Steve, following on from our discussion last night, the previous results say you got 1 point in week 2. So 22 points = 2 + 1 + 15 + 4.

Refresh! Refresh! Refresh!

Ridiculously rigged seat draw as Tod had Gaz to his left and Steve to Gaz’s left, and on the tertiary table it was a family affair with Kev next to Laura, Matt next to Dawn and Adelaide next to the Phelanator. What the daisies!

Early action on the feature table saw Andy Duncan call Steve Redfern down (there might have been one round of checking) on a board of J42 5 A. Steve showed JJ. Andy: [Stares at the jacks for a couple of seconds…] “It’s good.” Lolz.

TT stepped up to the dealing plate, with mixed results. Debate about whether an exposed card was the burn or not gave Steve Redfern a set and Paul Foy a straight, but then it was all cruelly taken away, then brought back, then taken away again. I don’t know. I was very confused.

Tod hadn’t really played a hand by this point and so was down to around 4200 chips. Third level blinds at 75/150, Steve raised to something UTG. Probably 375. Tod flatted in the SB, Gaz shoved the BB. Steve folded and Tod tank-called with AK. Gaz showed the Walsall Nuts, 63o. Well, Walsall is in the Black Country so perhaps no surprise when the board ran out 449 6 3. Doh! Tod out and on card duties. He would have to now wait and see whether his 5 point lead would be caught.

A huge hand saw Mark double up on the secondary table. I think Debjani started it all off but on a board of 4h 4c Kh 8h, Deb bet 1100, Ant shipped and Mark also shipped. Ant had 5h7h but Mark had Ah Qh.

Two tables

Down to 20 players and Gaz lost a big hand with his AK (not a good night for AK) getting outdrawn by Adelaide’s AQ.

Andy Overton exited soon after. “My pocket sevens ran into pocket sixes.”

Drama then as having gotten low on chips, Gaz shoved with A2 but was called by Paul Foy with AJ. A jack on the flop ended it and Gaz was out. Now we’d have to wait and see whether Mark could make a top 5 finish or Debjani could win outright.

Presumably there were a few more eliminations, including Debjani (sorry, not sure of exit hand!), so it was all down to Mark, and then…

Final table

Position Pts Name Comment
10 1 Ant WIlliams “I shoved under the gun with, er, what was it now? Oh yeah, queen ten of hearts. The big blind called me with KJ, which I liked.”Huh? Continuing…“Now, what was the hand? I know I needed a king for a straight. He hit two jacks. There must have been an ace.”

Christ this is like a Time Team reconstruction.

“That’s it! Ace, jack, something, jack, blank.”

Well we got there in the end. 🙂

9 2 Laura Rhoden “What kind of a twat calls you with QQ?” The life-partner kind, apparently.(Laura shoved UTG with 33.)
Now at this point I was busy throwing my chips away on the cash table as well, so my glamorous assistant took over reporting duties.PaulDanielsLet me try and interpret Ant’s scribblings…
8 3 Steve Redfern  Ant_WilliamsComm Kev ‘O’ V Steve R A9 v 7s3s ALL IN ON FLOP 9, 7, 5, A, K(Am loving the commas.)STEVE R 8th.
 Ant_WilliamsComm MARK V ADAMA, 10, 5     2 HEARTSADAM SHOVED



(Another random comma.)

 Ant_WilliamsComm STEVE (ADBULL) MARKAJ V A105, 9, 7 9 J (losing faith in the commas now)



 Ant_WilliamsComm MARK ALL IN         PAUL FOY 

77  V                 23 BB

5, 4 4, 3, J

MARK DOUBLES > 9.5K 600/1200



3 3 7 6, 10


7 4 Kev O’Driscoll  Ant_WilliamsComm KEVO ANDY DAIPFA2 V 88

2 X X A 8


OK, I clearly can’t compete with that.
6 5 Steve Healey Super short and in the BB, Steve blind calls Paul Foy’s shove. Paul has A8, Adelaide as Q8. The Q66 flop gives Adelaide hope, but the ace on the turn soon scuppers that and the river is a blank.
So Mark has made the top 5 and wins the league!!!!!
5 6 Mark Eagles Mark had 34d and nearly beat Matt Wilson’s QQ but the flopped pair and turned flush draw never turned into anything better.
4 8 Adam P Shoved with Q3, called by AJD in the BB with JJ. XXXXJ
3 10 Paul Foy JT no good against Matt Wilson’s 34, 83T Q 3 – had a heart draw somewhere along the line
Runner-up 12 Matt Wilson Two massive hands clashed to finish the night. Matt has, uh, 36 and Andy D, 27. The sevens held on a 85J 4 T board. (To be fair I’m told the hand before, QQ Andy v 22 Matt, was the pivotal hand.)
Winner 15 Andy Duncan A great win for the Duncster, played really well all night and a deserved victory.

So we have a new league champion! Congratulations to Mark Eagles. A brilliantly consistent and high-scoring season. And when the going got tough in the final game, the tough got going. Nuff said. And a top dude as well. Now he just needs to try and look cool in the pictures. Definitely succeeds in the second one….









Next league game:

Friday 16 May 2014

Check out the website for final league standings and other stuff including calendar of other events/games.

Good luck to the BCPC teams in next week’s team event!


Prey was quite good on ITV, so catch that up on ITV Player. Also Fargo (Sundays C4) is ace.

And a question to finish: In Game of Thrones, are the White Walkers’ horses also dead? Please let me know.