Matt McKinlay Wins Season 17 Week 6 to Become Season 17 Champion; On the Night: Brian Yates 2nd, Steve Healey 3rd

BCPC Season 17, Game 6 – Friday 21 April 2017

Hello! Well what an exciting night this was. Going into the final game of the season, anyone in the top 10 could still win. The top 3 – Mooch, Si and Tripps – would still have to do well or otherwise hope those below them don’t go deep.

The league table at the start of the night:

Position Name Pts
1 Graham Gorton 27
2 Simon Smith 27
3 Tony Trippier 25
4 Kevin O’Driscoll 20
5 Amy Coshan 20
6 Matt McKinlay 20
7 Matt Wilson 19
8 Kevin Berrie 18
9 Nic Rawlings 18
10 Mark England 18

Before the game kicked off we had a message of support from BCBC “BOYS ON TOUR!” Down Under 🙂


















Tonight’s game

Matt McKinlay got off to an interesting start, raising by mistake, which saw Bri call and Kev O’Driscoll shover all-in. Matt called and Bri called. Flop came 8TJ. Matt bet and Bri called. Turn 8. Ditto action. River Q. nd Bri wins the hand with JQ and a rivered 2-pair! Matt had AJ. And Kev exited in 22nd.

Steve Healey cracked Adam Smith’s AA with AT. Board came KTXXT.

Simon went out in 18th, running AQ into Mark England’s AA, which ended his title shot.

Chris went out in style – shoving with the old 72. Lolz.

I never really got going. Doubled up once through Liam and finally looked to be getting somewhere but then went all-in with bottom pair and FD v Amy’s top pair, which held. I exited soon after as my Q8 ran into Amy’s KK.

And then the final table happened but I missed pretty much all of that playing cash. Doh.Hopefully Bri can provide details of the action to add in here at a later date.

Tony was hanging in there, but eventiually succumbed in 9th, so no third title (yet). And Amy went in 7th, ending her hopes as well.

That meant of those left in, Hitendra, Kev Berrie and Matt McKinlay could all still win. Matt needed Matt needed to finish 4th though to overtake Mooch. Kev needed to finish 3rd and Hitendra 2nd. Kev fell in 6th, knocked out by Bri with KQ v AT, the board JQAK9. Hitendra then went from 800 up to 8000! – His 26 beat Bri’s A9, and then his J6 (great hand) beat Steve’s A9. He eventually fell in in 5th though, which meant that Matt was Season 17 Champion! He then also went on to win on the night, beating Bri heads-up. Well played, sir! And a well-deserved champion!





















Full list of points scorers:

Position Name Usual Points Actual Points
1 Matt McKinlay 15 15
2 Brian Yates 12 12
3 Steve Healey 10 10
4 Tom Cawley 8 8
5 Hitendra Patel 6 6
6 Kevin Berrie 5 5
7 Amy Coshan 4 4
8 Mark England 3 3
9 Tony Trippier 2 0
10 Paul Foy 1 1

Final league leaderboard:

Position Name Pts Seat
1 Matt McKinlay 35 500 + 200
2 Graham Gorton 27 500
3 Simon Smith 27 200 + 200
4 Tony Trippier 25 200
5 Amy Coshan 24 200
6 Kevin Berrie 23 200
7 Hitendra Patel 22 200
8 Mark England 21 200
9 Kevin O’Driscoll 20
10 Brian Yates 20

Cash game

Death Metal Stomaha Draw – nuff said.

Also, I woke up with an M&S gift card for £20. Then remembered I’d bought it off Liam so that he could play cash. 🙂

Next league game

Friday 26 May 2017


Taskmaster is back on Dave – that makes me very happy.