Nye crowned Season 21 Champion whilst Steve Healey wins Week 6, Matt Kay 2nd, Kev Berrie 3rd.

BCPC Season 21, Game 6 Friday 5th April 2019


Week 6 had finally arrived and was the last game to determine who would be crowned champion for Season 21.  Could Nye hold on to his 3 point lead?  Could Cromwell pip him to the post or would one of the chasing pack  emerge victorious in a last ditch attempt to snatch the title from under the noses.  We were soon to find out!


Points before the off.

Position Name TOTAL
1 Aneurin Venables 32
2 Matt Cromwell 29
3 Paul Foy 23
4 Brian Yates 21
5 Tony Trippier 21
6 Adam Phelan 20
7 Tod Wood 19
8 Matt Godwin 17
9 Steve Healey 16
10 Gareth Howard 15
11 Kevin Berrie 15
12 Dan Ryder 12
13 Rich Hughes 11
14 Amy Coshan 11
15 Lee Mason 10
16 Courtney Penn 8
17 Graham Gorton 7
18 Nic Rawlings 7
19 Tom Cawley 6
20 Claire Bailey 6
21 Yvonne Hughes 5
22 Matt McKinlay 5
23 Adam Smith 4
24 Liam Pickering 4
25 Trevor Greenway 3
26 Laura Rhoden 3
27 Claire Thornton 0
28 Hitendra Patel 0
29 Charles Mason 0
30 Mark England 0
31 Ricky Buckland 0
32 Matt Kay 0
33 Marc Ward 0


Tonight’s game


22 runners made the final game giving the plenty of opportunity for all to grab those last few points.  The ones currently in the point would face a sense of dread and delight knowing it was easier to increase their tally, but on the flip side a mistake could allow the chasing pack to overtake.

It was very quiet on the update front, but come 9.30 it would be one of the chasing pack and umber 1 ranked player Tod that would leave us.  Nye Venables not playing many hands at all would find himself calling Tod’s all in preflop and Cromwell sitting to Nye’s left started to get a bit excited!

Nye turns over Ace King and Tod would be slight favourite with the pocket 10’s.


It looked so good for Tod (And Cromwell) until the river rat Ace dropped sending Wood off for an early bath and giving Nye a nice healthy chip lead.



Cromwell was happy with the outcome as can seen below… 😀



Cromwell’s hopes of Champion went up in flames as he was to exit around 9.40 and what a way to go out.

Matty Kay (who Cromwell had so kindly given a lift to) raised and was then reraised by Cromwell.  Matty Kay then reraised and you know how it goes… All in, call and Kay with the rockets and Cromwell with the cowboys.


Cromwell a 4:1 dog miraculously flopped a King, but a 2, 5 and 3 on the board as Kay bellows, “4! 4!”  Ask and thou shalt receive!  Cromwell gone and in 30 minutes went from Nye’s worst enemy to his biggest fan praying he took the rest out, haha!


Coshan would leave us with pocket 10’s up against H’s A/K.  A King on the flop was all it needed and Amy was out.

On the break Nic Rawlings was busy winning his 2nd BAPWAC in as many gams and this would be one he was allowed to play (Cromwell securing those rights for previous one)  Well done Nic!


We were fast ap[proaching a final table and it was Dan Ryder who would exit in 12th with his pocket Jacks no match for Phelan’s Queens.  The big hand would give Phelan a massive chip lead.


Claire would be the bubble girl for points exiting the fold in 11th.  Her pocket 7’s looked quite good when Matt Kay and H turned over A/K to share a couple of outs between them, unfortunately though there were more Kings to come.  One on the flop and that was that.




Cromwell asked the others to kindly continue the hand update information for the blog and the BCPC bunch didn’t disappoint  Here’s a selection of crackers, oh how we laughed… :-s



Nye  pushed all in a couple of times pre much to Cromwell’s dismay and found no callers, Phew!

Courtney would leave us in 10th place holding A/5 which wasn’t good enough this time to beat Mooch’s two pair K/9  Well played Courtney, a good effort.



By 11.30 it was Brian’s turn to go incidentally one hand after Courtney’s exit.  Bri raises JJ and a flop is seen turning out a 10,7,4.  Smithy shoves and Brian calls for his tournament life.  Smithy shows the amazeball 7-4 and it’s night night Bri.  Unlucky!

We were now in a positon whereby Phelan had a big stack and still had a chance of winning the season, but he couldn’t allow Nye to ladder anymore placers with Nye needing a 7th to guarantee his champion status and with that at 12:10 Nye shoves with pocket Aces and Phelan has to call with his 10 8.  A dry flop and a scare 8 on the turn but no help to Phelan on the river which doubled Nye up to around 20k in chips.

Smithy would exit in 8th and that would mean we had a new champion in Nye!  Now it was to work out who would finish where and grab those last few extra finishing positions!

H would exit in 7th after trying to bluff Healey on the river.  His J/Q bluff no good against Healey holding an Ace.



Nye would bow out in a respectable 6th place to cap off a great season; shoving his last 6k in with A/2.  a call by Steve Healey with 3/6 and a 6 playing gives Healey the full house.  NH sir!


Still going strong at 1am we had 5 left and Kev Berrie was quietly accumulating chips.  A double up with A/10 VS Matt Kay’s 6/7.

Next it was Mooch’s turn to double up through Matt Kay, AK Vs QJ.


Not content with this and in an effort to restore balance a few hands later it was Kay’s turn to double up through Mooch with KJ vs AQ!

Phelan had fought a great battle all night, but his time had come with the cards being a little unfortunate to say the least up against Matt Kay.  Phelan’s pocket Queens vs Matt’s pocket 8’s and a straight ensued for Matt Kay.



Mooch was now back doubling up through Matt Kay, his pocket 5’s vs A/10 of Kay, 2-1 Mooch!


It was short lived though as Mooch would exit in 4th, just prior to this Kev had trebled up to 17k!


So this was the current state of affairs with the 4 remaining…

If Kev wins or Steve H wins they would finish 2nd.

Tod was guaranteed top 10 and Phelan was currently in 3rd, but as Steve H and Kev could potentially overtake him he would get a £300 seat.

Cromwell was praying that Matt Kay would win the lot to retain his 2nd place and on we go!

It was Kev Berrie who would exit in 3rd up against Matt Kay at 1.40 leaving Steve and Matt to play heads up!

Steve would double up just before 2am in what appeared to be a massive game changer!! Healey’s J/5 the winner over Kay’s 7/2


From here on in it was game over as Matt Kay gets it in with A/7 vs Healey’s 5/4.  A 5 please you say Steve?

Here you go and that win would propel Steve in to 2nd place overall and relegate Cromwell to 3rd, well played that man!



And well played to this man for a great season!


Steve had this to say on his win

“The game was like any end of season game , tight with peeps trying to ladder up into the top 10 and the peeps playing for nowt trying to pressure the top 10. Didn’t have many hand s till the final table .. but picking off H’s bluff was one of the high lights.. the main highlight was when I had 10-3 off and tried to nick Kev B’s big blind only to find out Adam Smith had min raised lol so the flop comes down and there’s a 3 on it Adam c bet I called then he cheat the turn and the river was a 3 Adam moves all in and I snap call to cripple Adam, then I knock him out next hand..who’s a lucky fucker ;)… when I got heads up it was the magic 5 of clubs that helped me crippled Matt when heads up…”

and Season 21 champion Nye had this to say….

“Well it’s fantastic t win in my second season, especially after getting 0 points in my first season!!! After my good 2018 in APAT events it seemed to be consistency that won out, with finishing top 3 3 times out of my first 4 games being crucial. It was a strange season , with run good and run bad moments, where I could do no wrong against Mark E and Mooch yet the final 4 in game 5 I have never been out drawn so many times in my life!!!!!  Really  found the dynamics of the final game interesting with Adam as I needed 1 more position to wrap up the title, with Adam also unable to knock anyone else out , luckily I could hold out to take the pressure off.  Thanks to Matt C for a great battle over the whole season too, and I hope to be in the battle again next season”


Well played to Steve, Nye and all seat winners for a cracking season.  On to the next, BOOM!


Points on the night:

1 Steve Healey 15 15
2 Matt Kay 12 12
3 Kevin Berrie 10 10
4 Graham Gorton 8 8
5 Adam Phelan 6 6
6 Aneurin Venables 5 5
7 Hitendra Patel 4 4
8 Adam Smith 3 3
9 Brian Yates 2 2
10 Courtney Penn 1 1

Final Standings:


1 Aneurin Venables 5 2 3 3 6 37
2 Steve Healey 5 1 2 7 17 31
3 Matt Cromwell 6 1 4 5 14 29
4 Adam Phelan 6 3 4 5 9 26
5 Kevin Berrie 6 1 3 16 18 25
6 Paul Foy 5 1 4 15 16 23
7 Brian Yates 6 2 4 9 10 23
8 Tony Trippier 6 1 5 12 13 21
9 Tod Wood 6 3 5 8 21 19
10 Matt Godwin 6 2 8 9 14 17
11 Gareth Howard 5 1 11 14 18 15
12 Graham Gorton 6 4 7 8 11 15
13 Dan Ryder 6 2 12 12 13 12
14 Matt Kay 4 2 16 17 28 12
15 Amy Coshan 6 5 6 15 15 11
16 Rich Hughes 5 5 7 10 17 11
17 Lee Mason 2 3 15 10
18 Courtney Penn 6 4 10 20 21 9
19 Nic Rawlings 6 6 9 20 22 7
20 Adam Smith 3 7 8 15 7
21 Tom Cawley 5 6 10 11 11 6
22 Claire Bailey 2 6 10 6
23 Matt McKinlay 4 6 17 23 31 5
24 Yvonne Hughes 5 8 9 12 15 5
25 Liam Pickering 4 7 17 18 24 4
26 Hitendra Patel 4 7 19 22 22 4
27 Trevor Greenway 4 8 22 24 25 3
28 Laura Rhoden 5 9 10 13 13 3
29 Claire Thornton 2 11 14 0
30 Mark England 5 14 18 20 25 0
31 Ricky Buckland 3 16 18 26 0
32 Charles Mason 2 19 23 0
33 Marc Ward 1 19 0


What’s on Wood?!  WOW

Time to ask our resident TV buff what’s on the box.  So without further a do… What’s on Wood?

“Like hitmen stories?  Like the Fonz?  Then look no further.  Barry (The US HBO show) is back for season 2 on Sky/Now TV. Bam!

Cheers Todimus #boysontour

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