Steve Bayliff is Premier League VIII Champion (Adam Phelan League Stage Winner)

Scouse PLVIII 2

Players and chip counts for PLVIII

Adam Phelan – 25,000 chips – scored a record 125 points to take his 2nd League Title but will be looking to put in a better performance than when he last won it. On that occasion he slumped to a 6th place finish.

Jake Poxon – 21,600 – a terrific first Premier League campaign for Jake, scoring 12 top 3 finishes from his 18 games. Would be a popular winner if he can go on to do so.

Laura Rhoden – 18,200 – Laura is the current BCPC Champion but will be appearing in her first Premier League campaign after winning 5 times this season having never previously won a game. Nobody has ever held the Live and Online Titles at the same time.

Steve Adelaide Bull Healey – 17,800 – Currently ranked No.1 BCPC player, Steve also gained his first Premier League wins this season (3) and he finished 4th in his previous live final appearance.

Adam Smith – 16,000 – This is Adam’s 3rd Premier League campaign and he has finished in the top 6 every time. Will be looking to go one better than last season when he finished Runner-Up.

William Young – 15,600 – This is Will’s first Premier League campaign since season 3 and he has not really performed well in the live finals, going out first (6th) in both season 1 and 2.

Brian Yates – 15,600 – A record 6th live final appearance for Brian, with a victory in Season 1. Since then though, he has failed to make the top 3.

Steven Bayliff – 14,400 – Also playing in a record 6th final, Steve is back to try to become the first player to succesfully defend the Title. He won his seat after finishing 9th and winning a play-off game, just as he did before winning Premier League VII. His record in his previous 5 finals is awesome with victory in Seasons 2,4 & 7 with a runner-up spot in season 5.

There are 144,200 chips in play with the average at 18,025 and blinds will open at 50-100 on a 25 minute clock throughout.

Winner will receive the trophy,$300 plus a $330 (£200) seat to be played on the standard 50/50 split with the other 16 players in season VIII
Runner-Up gets $160
3rd gets $80

Commentary from Brian ‘Motto’ Yates

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2016-01-22 19.08.14











End of Level 4 and nobody out yet although Adam Smith is down to 2 bigs after calling Jake Poxon’s all in on the last hand with tens on a Ad-3d-8c-3h-Ac board…Jake had A-8. Adam Phelan started as chip leader n is still there on 34k, followed by Jake Poxon 32k, Steve Healey 21k, Brian Yates 21k, Steven Bayliff 12k, Laura Rhoden 11k, William Young 9k then Adam Smith. Blinds 300/600/25 when we return.

Brian Yates Adam now gone in 8th…Adam Phelan has a good lead.

Tod Wood The rich get richer.

Brian Yates Brian out next, shoving 8-6 into Will Young’s QQ.

Brian Yates …..followed swiftly by Steve Healey with fave hand Q-9 no match for Scouse’s Aces.

Brian Yates Jake is all in with J-J and it holds vs Adam’s AK. End of level 7, Jake leads with 52k, Scouse 46k, and Adam, Laura n Will all around 15k (13 bigs)

Andy Overton More updates please. Railing from afar!

Andy Overton Anyone got a link to the live feed?

Brian Yates Massive pot…Adam shoves all-in (A-2), Will re-shoves (9-9), Laura calls (AdQd). Board is 5s-8d-6x-Kd-3s….Adam out 5th and Laura goes next hand in 4th.

Steven Bayliff 3 handed will on about 60 I am on about 40 odd jake on 35 ish

Brian Yates On an A-K-7 flop it all goes in with Jake at risk with K-8. Will’s A-2 sends Jake out in 3rd for $80.

Andy Overton Will Scouse do it again?!?!

Brian Yates Will is favourite to stop Stop Scouse winning a 4th Title. Will started the game 6 of 8 while Scouse was shortstack and turned up late!

Andy Overton Legend. smile emoticon

Brian Yates Also, had Scouse turned up 10 minutes earlier at the start, he would almost certainly have gone out when on an A-4-5 flop with two hearts, he (would) have had 5-5 when Jake had AA.

Andy Overton He’s just too good. smile emoticon

Andy Overton Is Tod Wood still there. If so can someone get him to do a new episode of ‘Is there an app for that?’ please. Pub was shite tonight so stuck at home. Wish i’d come up. Is it too late for a cash game? smile emoticon

Laura Rhoden We are playing as we speak

Andy Overton Come on Laura. If anyone can wheedle a new episode out of him you can. Is he drunk?

Laura Rhoden Nah frown emoticon

Andy Overton FFS.

Laura Rhoden He has been stealing left over naan bread though lol x

William Young He’s killing me HU

Andy Overton Scouse is easy to beat HU. smile emoticon

Andy Overton Not the same. I love drunk Tod.

Andy Overton and drunk Tony.

Andy Overton You….. not so much.

Andy Overton wink emoticon

Brian Yates Scouse gets Will all-in on the Q turn after a 5-6-10 flop. Scouse 5-6, Will 10-8…..8 river…..Will doubled.

William Young i had a Flush draw and 2nd pair

Andy Overton What are the stacks?

Andy Overton And who’s winning Stomaha?

Tod Wood We only played one hand of stomaha shocked emoticon. “All odd clubs to be turned over.” Brian Yates flips over 4c, Adam Smith flips over 8c. crying with laughter emoticon

Adam Smith Shhh lol I only heard clubs lol

Scouse PLVIII 1










And it all goes in on the turn….and Scouse is the 4-time Champion and the first player to regain the Title. Magnificent performance!


Thanks to all last night , good seeing everyone.

Especially Brian Yates for organising it again . And those who turned up who wasn’t playing as well as them that was making it a good night !