Steve Redfern is Season 9 Champion

1 Steve Redfern 51
2 Adam Phelan 36
3 Debjani Duncan 33
4 Andy Duncan 32
5 Dale Macchiarelli 28
6 Darren Hooper 26
7 Graham Gorton 24
8 Courtney Penn 22
9 Matt Wilson 20
10 Tod Wood 19
11 Brian Yates 19
12 Aisling Wilson 16
13 Steve Healey 14
14 Paul Foy 14
15 Charles Mason 8
16 Damian Burrowes 6
17 Rob Hewlitt 6
18 Ant Williams 6
19 Tony Trippier 6
20 Calum McLuckie 4
21 Jake Poxon 3
22= Amanda Green 1
22= Paul Melia 1
24 John Harfield 0

What a brilliant end to a great Season that was last night!

The League table before kick-off looked pretty straightforward in such that it wouldn’t take much for all of the top 9 to win a seat by the end. Then suddenly, before we have reached the end of Level 5, we are on the Final Table and only 3 of those 9 players remained in.

Andy Duncan needed to finish at least 4th while Adam had to win with Steve Redfern needed to be knocked out pretty quickly….and there they were when the seats were drawn, sitting side-by-side-by side!

Mr Duncan crashed out quickly in 9th and Steve knew that if he could stay in and make at least 5th, then he would be Champion.

This left Adam in a difficult spot. When 7-handed he raised, Callum shoved all-in and Brian did likewise. Now even if he has A-A and calls, if he knocks both of them out, his chances of the Title would be gone with them!

The experienced Mr Redfern, of course, used this to his advantage and when Foyie left in 6th, his 2nd Title was in the bag and he then opened up his aggressive side and went on to beat Adam Heads-Up to really finish a great night in style.


1-STEVE.R – £550 GUKPT Main Event G Casino Walsall

2-ADAM – £440 GPS Main Event seat @ Stoke.

3-DEBJANI – £336 DTD Deepstack seat.

4-ANDY.D – £220 GUKPT side event @ Walsall.

5-DALE – £165 888 SUPERSTACK @ Star City, April 27th.

6-DAZZA – £120 Goliath seat @ Coventry.

7-MOOCH – £120 Goliath seat @ Coventry.

8-COURTNEY – £110 GUKPT side event @ Walsall.

9-MATT – £82.50 APAT event.