Tod Wood is Season 13 Champion; Steve Redfern Wins Season 13 Week 6, Matt Kay 2nd, Chris Baker 3rd

BCPC Season 13, Game 6 – Friday 10 April 2015

So yeah I’ve finally realised that HDTV is pretty good and Netflix is great blah blah blah, but are any of those things even close to the BCPC? Well OK maybe they are but the BCPC is still prettay, prettay, prettay good. Great bunch o’ people, cheap beer, chicken wings, poker. Ah, getting all misty eyed here. It’s possible I’m still drunk.

Anyway, it’s the final game of the season and loads of things undecided. Who would win which seats? Who would be season champion? Would the ‘bag-a-pair, win a chair’ thing be any good? (And do we win an actual chair? That would be a bit weird.)

Going into the last bend the table looked like this:

Position Name Pts
1 Tod Wood 40
2 Gareth Howard 36
3 Tony Griffiths 26
4 Paul Foy 25
5 Matt Kay 23
6 Sean Priest 21
7 Adam Smith 18
8 Kevin Berrie 15
9 Steve Healey 13
10 Kevin O’Driscoll 12
11 Brian Yates 12
12 Chris Baker 10
13 Tony Trippier 10
14 Steve Redfern 10
15 Jay Scott 10
16 Graham Gorton 10
17 Matt Wilson 9
18 Claire Thornton 8
19 Adam Phelan 8
20 John Harfield 5
21 Ant Williams 4
22 Dawn Wilson 3
23 Nic Rawlings 1
24 Andy Overton 1
25 Wez Simpson 0
26 Laura Rhoden 0

That meant that anyone could still win a seat if the results worked out for them. Gaz needed to score 5 points more than Tod to win the title and Tony G needed to win and then Tod and Gaz to get no points.


First of all, two people bagged a pair. Tony G was one. Matt Kay the other? I dunno. Anyway all looking good so far.

Onto the game itself and Tod had a disastrous start playing virtually his first hand. Raising to 125 with AQ he got two callers in Bri (SB) and Jay (BB). Flop came 24Q and after checks from Bri and Jay Tod bet out for 300 (or something like that). Bri called and Jay raised to 650. Tod called and Bro folded. Jay then bet out 850 on the turn (an 8) and 1625 on the river (an ace). Tod cry-called and actually had a little cry as he saw Jay had rivered the straight holding 35. This left Tod down to 1725.

On the secondary table Chris Baker got off to a flyer flopping top set (9s) vs bottom set and two-pair (Adam P and Kev O’Driscoll I think??). Not sure if ALL the chips went in but plenty must’ve done ’cause Chris was chippy chippy!

On the restaurant table (ooh, fancy!) Gaz was playing it steady and not getting out of line as he failed to pick up any big hands.

Back on the feature table Tod was still hanging in there. Steve Healey and Matt Kay were developing an interesting battle between each other which saw them raising the other’s blind at nearly every opportunity. 🙂

Sean Priest was also serial raising Adelaide’s big blind but to be fair “always had a hand”. Weird then that when Bri called the raise and it eventually got to showdown he showed Q6…. 😉

Tod decided to take advantage of the Kay/Healey rivalry. The plan was this: It’s Steve’s BB and I’m UTG so I’ll just call the 100. Matt (UTG+1) will raise to say 350 and Steve will get stubborn and call, and then I’ll go all-in, weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Well it went wrong straight away as I think Matt folded and it was Sean who raised. Bri called and Steve also called and by this point I was thinking oh great. I had As3s though so not too bad. I should’ve shoved anyway but bottled it and just called. Flop came 336. Which I liked. Steve and I checked, Sean bet 500 and Steve called and then I shoved my final 1450 in. Steve had hit the 6, and there was a flush draw out there, so called. That put Tod back up to over starting stack. Phew!

Break and AGM

There will be separate notes on Facebook on the discussions and not everyone agreed on some of the items but it showed once again how passionate people are for the club. Which is nice.

2 tables

Tod got a virtual double-up knocking out Kev Berrie with AK on an AKXXX board vs Kev’s AQ.

Gaz meanwhile was chipping up slowly.

Matt Kay needed to win to potentially overtake Gaz for 2nd place and was building his stack nicely.

Tony G was out of the title race after he lost a couple of key hands to get low and then shoved over the top all in with 78 (or 89) but was called by AQ, which held.

Then came the key hand for Gaz. On around 12k (Tod down to 9.5k by this point) he called Nic’s raise with TJ. The flop came down 555. Not sure of the action on the flop but the turn was a jack. All the chips went in but Gaz’s full house was crushed by Nic’s four-of-a-kind, Nic holding 57! (I’m gonna watch out for him in the future!!) That left Gaz on around 950.

Gaz got an immediate double up with QQ vs Bri’s 63 (a 6 on the turn making it interesting) but fell soon after running his 66 into Matt Kay who had the queens this time.

That meant that Tod was season 13 champion!!! I spoke to him this morning and he seemed very happy, though somewhat hung over.














Still all to play for though as the other seats needed to be decided.

Final table

Finishing positions were:

Position Pts Name Comment
10 1 Brian Yates All in with A4 vs AT of…Matt Kay? Not sure. But that would scupper Brian’s chances of winning a seat.
9 2 Tod Wood Called (though tried to raise) Mooch’s raise and then called Mooch’s post flop shove holding JJ on a 89T board. Mooch had KK which held.
It’s about this time that I started to play cash so didn’t catch most of the exit hands.Cash was good fun as always though. Playing ‘dealer’s choice’ Bri came up with a new one. Holdem, start with 5 cards and get rid of one on the flop, turn and river. On a rainbow non-paired board of 59JQK Bri had ATQ, and threw away the ten! Tod successfully threw away the right card to actually have AT and win the pot. Lol, Bri. Really?He kind of got his revenge later though on a 3 flops, two turns, one river Omaha game. As Tod barreled all three streets Bri was bemoaning the fact that Tod must have AT and be winning. Tod then chirps up, “Er, you do know there are full house possibilities out there don’t you?” (I was trying to make out I had a big hand as there was also a possible flush which he hadn’t seen either but I assumed he would eventually.) Anyway instead it made him realise HE had the full house with sevens over twos. Good work, Mr Wood. Good work. Anyway back to the main event…..
8 3 Dawn Wilson Missed the exit hand.
7 4 Claire Thornton Missed the exit hand. Claire needed a top five-ish finish to win a seat though.
6 5 Graham Gorton Per Steve Redfern, “Standard short-stack shove and short-stack call.” 5 points would probably not be enough for Mooch to make the seats.
Think it was around now that Matt in SB open shoved against Steve in the BB. Matt had KT and Steve called with AK. Matt spiked a ten to double-up in a huge pot.
5 6 Nic Rawlings Missed the exit hand.
4 8 Jay Scott Missed the exit hand.
3 10 Chris Baker Missed the exit hand. But that’s two thirds this season for the big man which guarantees him a seat.
Runner up 12 Matt Kay On an AAJ flop Matt shoved with KT and Steve called with 34. (I assume he had the chips, either that or was very tired!) Turn 5. River 4. Another strong performance from Matt and that should have secured him third place overall. That also meant that Gaz had finished second overall.
Winner 15 Steve Redfern In his final game for the BCPC, the club legend and two-time champion Steve Redfern bowed out in style with his 8th career win, two more than his closest rival.What a fantastic finish for Steve.It’s a real shame to see him go but he’ll still pop his head in every now and then. See you at the Summer Deepstack, sir.

 So, that’s it for another season! The final standings are:

Position Name Pts Seat Won
1 Tod Wood 42 £400 (GPS) seat plus £200 (25/25) seat
2 Gareth Howard 36 £400 (GPS) seat
3 Matt Kay 35 £400 (GPS) seat
4 Tony Griffiths 26 £200 (25/25) seat
5 Steve Redfern 25 £200 (25/25) seat
6 Paul Foy 25 £200 (25/25) seat
7 Sean Priest 21 £100 Goliath or DTD seat
8 Chris Baker 20 £100 Goliath or DTD seat
9 Adam Smith 18 £100 Goliath or DTD seat
10 Jay Scott 18
11 Kevin Berrie 15
12 Graham Gorton 15
13 Brian Yates 13
14 Steve Healey 13
15 Kevin O’Driscoll 12
16 Claire Thornton 12
17 Tony Trippier 10
18 Matt Wilson 9
19 Adam Phelan 8
20 Nic Rawlings 7
21 Dawn Wilson 6
22 John Harfield 5
23 Ant Williams 4
24 Andy Overton 1
25 Laura Rhoden 0

It’s been emotional. I’m really proud to have won the league having come close a couple of times before and starting to think it would never happen. Now bring on season 14!!








Next league game

Friday 8 May 2015


Not much happening – Mad Men just started its final run and Game of Thrones starts on Monday of course. Actually I’m really loving The Flash and Arrow at the moment!

Until next time

See ya.