Tony Trippier is Season 1 Champion


1 Tony Trippier 45
2 Brian Yates 43
3 Steve Redfern 43
4 Chris Baker 36
5 Paul Foy 31
6 Darren Hooper 28
7 Marcel Furet 26
8 Matt McKinlay 23
9 Malcolm Howell 19
10 Paul Melia 19
11 Ant Williams 17
12 Maxine McKinlay 12

A magnificent opening season for our new club ended tonight (Friday 3rd) in nail-biting fashion.
At the start there were four possible winners, with leader Brian Yates being the favourite as he could win the Title without playing tonight, providing other members didn’t do so well !
APAT UK Champ Steve Redfern was under pressure as he knew that he had to finish 3rd or better to have a chance, while both Chris Baker and Tony Trippier had to WIN tonight and then hope that neither Brian or Steve did well.
The game kicked off with a mis-deal by Tony Trippier !!…..but there then followed a monsterous hand where Matt McKinlay turned 2-pair with

     on a board of

ac   ::      

only for Ant Williams to have


and somehow, Matt still had 1k of his 5k opening stack left at the end of the hand !

On the first hand of Level 2 we had our first casualty. On an innocuous looking


flop, Darren Hooper bet and was raised by Malcolm Howell in the BB.

The turn brought the


and Malc pushed all-in with

::     only to get insta-called by Dazza with


and so our Week 5 winner Malcolm was out in 10th place.

Short-stack Matt went soon after when his

     was called by Tony with  ac   js  and the board went


The first of the potential Title winners went when Chris Baker pushed all-in with

     and Ant called with  qd   ts

on a        js  flop and Chris was horrified to make trips when the     hit the turn to give Ant the straight and a massive chip stack of over 20k of the 50k in play.

Out in 7th was Maxine McKinlay, who was delighted to get a call when holding  kd   kh  from Daz Hooper holding


but the board of  qh   qs           didn’t look so good !

It was now getting incredibly tense with favourites Steve and Brian still in but hardly able to play a hand, although Brian did shove all-in to Steve’s button raise, forcing him to fold.

The turning point came when Brian shoved from the button for 4300 chips with


and Tony, needing to WIN the tourney, called from the BB with

qd   jd

The flop brought the  js  but despite there being 3 spades on the board by the turn, Tony’s pair held up to leave Brian with just 300 chips and facing scoring no points !!

This was confirmed 3 hands later when Daz Hooper’s     tc  hit a flop of

      ::  hard and Brian was out and left praying for help.

Paul Foy had a quite night and exited in 5th spot when his   ad   jc  was dominated by Tony’s   ks   kc  and there then followed a massive call by Tony.
Steve pushed all-in and tried to talk Tony out of a call. Tony put him on K-Q or similar and eventually called, tabling

    .  Steve was gutted as he turned over  ac   ::  and his hand didn’t improve so his 4th place exit left him with zero points on the night and his chances of being Season One Champ were over.

Tony was now well in with a shout and knew that if he won toinight then the Title would be his. If not, then Brian would be crowned as Champion.

Soon after he pushed all-in on Dazza after he had raised and Dazza’s

     was dominated by Tony’s   kh   ks

But the flop had Brian woop wooping when it came down


but the  kd  on the turn sent Daz to the rail with his first top 3 finish, leaving Brian gutted.

Now, only Ant Williams could stop Tony taking down Season One and Tony was first to push all-in on a

   ::   jc

board, which Ant almost called on but eventually folded to. Ant showed

jh  which prompted Tony to show his   kh     FOR A TOTAL BLUFF !!

Tony now had a slight chip-lead but soon  after went all-in pre-flop with


Ant decided to call with

ah   ::

The flop came

kc      ::  to give Ant a few extra outs.

the    was no help and when the  qh  hit the river Tony Trippier became the first ever Black Country Poker Champion.

It was a gripping end to a great 6 months and has been enjoyed by everyone so much. The Final League table is listed below.

1  TONY TRIPPIER         45
2  BRIAN YATES            43
3  STEVE REDFERN         43
4  CHRIS BAKER             36
5  PAUL FOY                 31
6  DARREN HOOPER        28
7  MARCEL FURET          26
8  MATT McKINLAY        23
10 PAUL MELIA             19

Tony wins the BCPC Trophy, sponsored by the New Talbot, a trophy to keep for himself, plus a £550 entry into the GUKPT Summer Series event at Walsall on June 27th where he will represent all the Club members from Season One.

Season Two cannot come round quick enough !!