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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Inductee List


Below you can find a list of all the inducted Hall of fame players.  In order to qualify you must have completed 10 seasons in the BCPC and 2 players are inducted each year (not season).  Eligible players to vote in the Hall of fame ballots must have completed 5 seasons or more and will receive a voting form.  Each voter gets 10 votes to use how they wish, ie:  Giving all 10 votes to one player, give 10 nominees 1 vote each or any other weighting distribution in between as they see fit.

The hall of fame accolades are given not just to the players that have cashed the most money for the club, but also to those that have given a positive contribution.


Number Inductee Date Image
1. Brian Yates 16/11/2018  
2. Tod Wood 16/11/2018  
 3. Tony Trippier 15/11/2019  
 4. Gareth Howard 15/11/2019