Laura Rhoden is Season 14 Champion; Adam Phelan Wins Season 14 Week 6, Tony Griffiths 2nd, Laura Rhoden 3rd

BCPC Season 14, Game 6 – Friday 4 September 2015

Hello and a very warm welcome to the BCPC.

How exciting was the last game, eh? Laura cashed yet again and overtook Steve Healey going into the final game.

Current Leaderboard

Position Name Played Pts
1 Laura Rhoden 5 41
2 Steve Healey 5 39
3 Kevin Berrie 4 21
4 Adam Smith 3 18
5 Brian Yates 5 17
6 Matt Wilson 5 17
7 Will Young 4 16
8 Dale Macchiarelli 4 15
9 Nathan Harris 4 15
10 Chris Baker 5 15

That meant that if Laura finished ahead of Steve, she’d be champion. Steve had to finish 4th or better to have a chance of landing his third title.

Shirt of Shame

Tony yet again, but forgot to get picture – doh.

Some points of interest

Andy Overton was first out, playing 34 on a 44XQX (I think) board, with Tony Griffiths holding QQ. Coolertown, baby!

Laura thought her chance might be slipping away as she called Tod’s raise holding AJ and called two c-bets on a J-high board, only to lose the hand. Tod, of course, had J6o, and hit 2-pair on the flop. That left Laura with maybe 3-4k left, around 7-10 bigs I think.

Tod exited soon after though. Calling Adam Phelan’s raise with TdJd he saw a J-high flop with two diamonds. See you at the river! Adam had flopped a set of jacks and no diamond came to help Tod, who was the bubble boy.

Final table

Laura continued to hang on but Steve was still alive as well, albeit getting low on chips.

A key moment was 5- or 6-handed when Steve was in the BB with, I think, 1400 chips (something like that) with blinds at 300/600 (roughly). Anyway with Q-rag-off he decided to fold after a raise and a call, and would have flopped trips for a triple-up. After that he went all-in the next hand but came up short.

Meaning Laura Rhoden is the season 14 champion!!! Brilliant, consistent play all season. Three 3rds and a 1st – doesn’t get much better than that. Well done indeed.









An extremely honourable mention to Steve who came so close to winning three titles in five years – vwp, sir.

Top 10 on the night

Position Name Points
1 Adam Phelan 15
2 Tony Griffiths 12
3 Laura Rhoden 10
4 Kevin Berrie 8
5 Dale Macchiarelli 6
6 Brian Yates 5
7 Claire Thornton 4
8 Steve Healey 3
9 Will Young 2
10 Paul Foy 1

Final Leaderboard

Position Name Played Pts
1 Laura Rhoden 6 45
2 Steve Healey 6 39
3 Kevin Berrie 5 29
4 Brian Yates 6 22
5 Dale Macchiarelli 5 21
6 Adam Phelan 5 19
7 Will Young 5 18
8 Tony Griffiths 6 18
9 Adam Smith 3 18
10 Matt Wilson 5 17

Congratulations to Laura and everyone that won a seat in season 14 – good luck in the tourneys.

Next league game

Friday 6 November 2015


The Walking Dead is back. Nuff said.

Au revoir, mon amis