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Charles Mason


 Charles Mason
Where are you from?
 Cumbrian, but emigrated to West Mids ‘86
How long have you been playing poker?
Got hooked on C4 Late Night Poker early noughties, started Online and Live 2003, cut my teeth at J10 and Annabells Coventry, First Vegas trip 2004.
How long have you been a member of the BCPC?
 My first campaign started with Season 6 in 2011, I got to know many of the club members through APAT so it was a natural extension of great friendships.
What is your favourite hand and why?
 Obviously doesn’t pay to get too sentimental but for me its 97o. Such a hidden straight hand if you can connect, especially with 9d which somehow is the prettiest card in the deck for me.
Who is your favourite player and why?
It must be Vicky Coren Mitchell, I found her presence amongst the men of Late Night Poker intriguing. I have always respected her approach to balancing her Poker and Career, taking the game seriously but always living life with grace and humour. To see her success on TV (two EPT’s) and then to sit at the Vic a couple of cash tables away was inspirational. Highly recommend her book “For Richer For Poorer” great read!
What is your best live win so far?
Winning APAT World Championship 2009, but I look back and see how lucky and one dimensional my play was back then, playing the added value GUKPT Grand Final and making day 2 was the best part of the prize. The 2017 WSOP Colossus cash gave me a great thrill though, pulling in big pots in the Amazon Room and making the money doesn’t get any better!
What is your best online win so far?
 Back in the Bluesquare days I remember playing a small stakes MTT what seemed all through the night, then running into the bedroom at about 3:00am shouting I won it I won it, not my finest moment but I scooped $1200+
APAT live medals won
 Gold WCOAP 2009, I ran like God and won an Omaha side event at Coventry but no medal 🙁
APAT online medals won
 I seem to have a full set of Silver and Bronze but I need to look up the records as I have foggy memory
Biggest poker achievements?
 Sounds silly but managing a bankroll, successes and money will come and go but I never want to put too much hard earned cash at risk. Recently most proud of turning around a losing to winning cash Poker record, just love the cash!!
What is your main online alias?
 Stars – stoneleighrd – Partypoker – bubblesqueak – Grosvenor – Stone_clm
Who is your toughest BCPC opponent and why?
Paul Foy, we played many online series together, somehow we always seemed to get seated next to each other and let the battle of the blinds commence! What makes him so tough is his adjustments to the play of his opponents, a brilliant reader of the game and most often gets it in good. I just feel owned, most of the time 😉

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