Steve Bayliff is Premier League VII Champion (Kev O’Driscoll Leage Stage Winner)

Scouse PL7 1Seat draw for Friday’s conclusion of Premier League VI…..
1. ADAM SMITH…16,400
3. KEV O’DRISCOLL…20,200
4. CLIVE PADDEN…14,000
6. TOD WOOD…16,600
7. PAUL FOY…15,800

128,000 in play, average stack 16,000. 25 minutes blinds with a break after every three levels.
1st – LEAGUE TROPHY, $250 plus a $330 (£200) seat
2nd – $150
3RD – $80

Clive and John were no-shows so there were 6 players at the table.

Lots of sets in the early stages but no one really left the pack.

From level 4 it was carnage as the no-shows had to put small and big blind in EVERY hand.

Tod lost a couple of pots to take him down to 13k and with blinds at 300/600 there was 2900 in the pot so Tod shoved with AQ only to run into Scouse’s QQ.

The no-shows were knocked out shortly after leaving 5 players remaining.

Not sure of the action but Kev finished 5th and Paul 4th.

Gaz finished 3rd for $80.

Scouse and Adam went heads up for the trophy with Scouse having a 2-1 chip lead. The tide turned for Steve as his A9 on a 9-high board ran into Adam’s AA but he clawed it back and eventually one with AhJh v Adam’s 5c7c on a 2d6h3h 9h 5h board (not sure of the action).

Adam finished 2nd for $150.

Scouse was champion for the third time and takes home the trophy, $250 plus a $330 (£200) seat.

Congratulations, Steve!!

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